Bondage: Code Red - DVD
60 Minutes, Four Models

The Purple Nemesis (Veronica Ricci) has been taken captive and bound by the villain known as "The Reaper." The spandex-clad redhead defiantly states that she's beaten the dark villain before, and could defeat him in any world. The skull-faced bad guy ballgags the crimebuster and cryptically states she'll have the chance to prove that. He reveals her breasts and claims her mask as a trophy before placing the helpless heroine in a multi-dimensional portal device. The Purple Nemesis is then transported to a variety of parallel universes with one thing in common: Her archenemy The Reaper is there!

At her first stop, the intrepid lady realizes she's become "Delfina," a redheaded, cartoonish detective with no lack of experience being held hostage by masked creeps. She's quickly scarf-gagged and thoroughly roped to a chair, completely at the mercy of her hooded antagonist.

Next our heroine appears as "Red Veronica," a barbarian princess who is promptly taken prisoner by the magic wielded by The Reaper. The redheaded warrior is cleavegagged and roped to a post. She struggles, yet she's unable to stop the villain from continuing with his plan to banish her from his world.

In the next universe our adventuress has become the slinky siren "Veronica Rabbit." The sultry sex symbol is nabbed by The Reaper, but when she refuses to cooperate with him, she's cleavegagged and tied kneeling with a powerful vibrator tied to her. Will she ever be able to defeat the villain and return home?

The main story is followed by "Go Hostagettes! (Part One)" We're introduced to the cheerleading squad of a small community college whose members seem to frequently find themselves in trouble. Squad leader Ashley Renee is taken captive when she refuses to play along with the coach. The busty brunette is hogtied on-camera for his website, then ballgagged and tied spreadeagle on the bed for a vibrator orgasm.

The coach tricks new cheerleader Carissa Montgomery to be on his website, and the buxom blonde is hogtied and tapegagged as part of her training on what to do when she's captured. Ashley (chairtied and layer-gagged) is supposed to instruct her, but the unwilling squad leader has trouble focusing when she's to have another orgasm.

The video concludes with a bonus vignette starring Caroline Pierce. The curvy cutie is the victim of an office invasion, and the sexy secretary is ballgagged and progressively bound until she's ultimately topless and hogtied on top of her desk.

ID #: JW-46
Price: $30.00