Beauties Of Bondage - DVD
47 Minutes, Seven Models

Beauteous in bra and panties, Randy Moore and Laura Lee rashly challenge a pair of rival riggers to bind them into inescapable restraint using just one rope each! Randy and Laura soon regret their boldness: Randy's legs are frogged and upper body tightly secured while Laura's legs are drawn up to her chest in a ball-tie! Squirming in frustrated discomfort, the barefoot captives beg for release, but the ball-gags thrust between their lips stifle the message. Laura and Randy finally surrender to the inevitable and lie next to each other in submission to the women they'd mocked!

It's a pleasant spring day, so Cassie Laine's casually dressed in jeans and sandals, but the sweet sprite will be spending her day indoors after she's seized by a gigantic intruder! Her legs and arms twined with rope, tape-gagged Cassie's carried into captivity, then writhes on the floor; an attempt to escape by wriggling slowly toward the door ends in disappointment!

Abject humiliation for Georgia Jones arrives in the person of chica loca Sohley Rivera, who invades Georgia's home, her to strip to her panties, then trusses the fearful girl into immobility! Ruthlessly roped and gagged with a white cleave, Georgia's tethered on her hip, providing a luscious target for salacious Sohley, who fondles her captive's trembling body as she whimpers! Once Sohley's satisfied her dominant desires, she coolly dons Georgia's dress and shoes, then leaves her to struggle in solitude!

Garbed in a gold silk nighty, porcelain-skinned redhead Sophie Nova's ready for a nap, but the bedroom's no safe haven! A malicious villainess transforms the enticing Brit into a colorful captive by sealing her lips with pink tape, then forcing the bound girl to kneel on her bed. Sophie's bare soles take on a leading role when she later squirms hogtied on her stomach, her toe-tied naked feet flexing and pointing as she squeals behind her gag!

A Greek-letter rivalry gets out of hand after mischievous sorority sisters Vanessa Veracruz and Elisa Conrad anger a competitive house with their pranks! Trussed up back-to-back with swaths of black rope and gagged with duct tape, the stunned victims are nearly naked -- Vanessa wears garter and stockings, Elisa's in thigh high white socks! When the girls' fingers get too familiar with each other's wrist ropes, they're tethered on their hips by captors unmoved by their plaintive moans!

ID #: FB-329
Price: $30.00