Costumed Ladies Learn A Lesson - DVD
53 Minutes, Six Models

The victim of treacherous intrigue, Lieutenant Dani Daniels struggles and protests through her cleave-gag as she stands bound to a metal stair-railing! When Dani dislodges the ropes tethering her to the metal wires, then slips off her shoes and attempts to escape, she's caught and secured into leg-hobbling bondage on the wooden floor!

Melissa Jacobs prepares a bedroom surprise for her man by slipping into a skimpy maid outfit and red fishnets, but an unwelcome visitor hijacks the sensual thrill by trussing Melissa to the foot of the bed with thin white rope and gagging her with a black cloth overmouth! Standing and writhing indignantly, Melissa accidentally bares her breasts; later tied on the floor with her shoes removed, the unhappy maid continues to squirm and squeal!

Blonde sorceress Embry Prada discovers that her supernatural powers are no match for an ingenious rope network that pins her to a chair and a dark cloth that stifles her incantations! Already frustrated by her helpless posture, Embry's humiliation increases when her feet are bared and her pussy's exposed by a strand of rope pulling aside her panties!

Arrogant athlete Jana Jordan pays the price for her bad attitude when her bright yellow uniform's entwined with black rope (a crotch rope's snugged over her red panties!) and her defiant mouth's silenced by an overmouth gag! First bound standing to a desk, the blonde sportsgirl ends up wriggling angrily in the chair with her sneakered feet propped onto the desk!

There's a surprisingly high probability that a sexy chambermaid will find herself in bondage at some point in her career -- case in point is Marlena Mercurio, who experiences an especially rigorous restraint! Hogtied and ball-gagged, poor Marlena inadvertently dusts the hardwood floor as she thrashes about on her stomach after she's seized by a thief!

An innocent sorority mystery game turns sinister for collegiate cutie Chloe Lynn when she's captured, bound and gagged by a threatening Man In Black! Her eyes wide above a knotted cleave, Chloe twists in bondage that holds her semi-suspended by a rope linked from her chest bonds to a metal ring overhead! Unable to free herself from her baffling predicament, Chloe's limited to whimpering as she wiggles her bare feet out of her flats!

ID #: CB-51
Price: $30.00