Twosomes In Dangerous Times - DVD
49 Minutes, Ten Models

Elle Alexandra and her guy John experience the wrath of Dangerous Diva when they become involved in a convoluted intrigue! First surprising Elle, the Diva ropes her feisty red-haired captive into intricate bondage and seals her mouth with tape! Dressed in sweater, denim shorts and high boots, fashionable Elle twists and thrashes on the carpeted floor alongside John, who's ambushed by the Dangerous One when he returns home! And that's just the warm-up for DD, who later ties naked and cleave-gagged Elle onto a stool, then her bare feet onto John's face as he lies bound and struggling beneath her!

No one except her captor could resist sympathizing with sweet Dani Daniels as she lies tied, cleave-gagged and vulnerable on a bed, her body bare except for her panties! Potential rescuer Ron's not up to his heroic role and quickly occupies a place next to Dani on the bed; the innocent beauty's bare feet have been pulled up and linked to her wrists in a hogtie while tape-gagged Ron strains in a similar restraint!

It's not an ideal situation for a manly man to be tied up and gagged in his underwear but Ray may find some consolation in sharing his bondage with sexy little Lexi Bloom! Trussed up and gagged overmouth like Ray, bare-breasted Lexi rolls about recklessly in the bathtub where she's been confined and applies her bare toes to her partner's bonds in an attempt to loosen them and end their imprisonment!

Bewildered boyfriend Alex walks into the same sort of predicament as Ray, but he experiences even more thrilling carnal compensation! Expecting to hop into bed for a steamy encounter with alluring Lena Shelby, Alex is stunned to find her naked, tape- gagged and bound on the bed -- and even more shocked when he's efficiently roped up and gagged in his boxers! Left to themselves by confident captors, Lena and Alex make plenty of hot-fleshed contact during their high-energy but futile efforts at escaping their bondage!

Greed triumphs when gorgeous Randy Moore and her faithful partner Alexander Payne are held hostage together! Their peaceful patio becomes the site of a tense, hours-long standoff as the bound, cleave- gagged and fully-clothed couple sit nervously side-by-side in chairs and eye each other nervously while awaiting a favorable resolution!

ID #: CC-32
Price: $25.00