Hot Bondage Interludes - DVD
44 Minutes, Six Models

A spectacular web of black rope embraces the porcelain flesh of Sophie Nova's nude body as the flame-haired captive stands bound to the metal framework at the foot of her bed! A red ball-gag puts an end to Sophie's verbal complaints, but her noisy protests continue while she strains hopelessly against the formidable bondage!

Searching for a hot and helpless heroine? Look no further, because blonde temptress Nikki Scott's been traditionally tied to a chair, where this damsel turns her into a compelling display of her physical charms! Cleave- gagged Nikki's allure peaks after her breasts burst forth from a tight black dress and the fetishy shoes disappear from her bound bare feet!

Tiny but tough, gang moll Mae Olsen reacts predictably when she's ordered to watch over bound and gagged hostage Kiera Winters. Once they're alone, the horny girl paws Kiera's lingerie-clad body, then liberates her breasts for some unfriendly fondling while the trussed-up prisoner wriggles in discomfort!

After Kiera's liberated, she wastes no time in evening the score with Mae, first forcing the tiny tape-gagged captive to kneel submissively before her while her vengeful hands take possession of Mae's breasts and yank down her panties! Mae's humiliation continues when she squirms on her stomach as Kiera gleefully investigates the ticklish qualities of her size-5 bare soles!

When the girlfriend's away, then naughty girls play; when the girlfriend gets wise, then she gags and ties! Lexi Bloom and Charlotte Stokely demonstrate the truth of this well-known axiom in a kinetic nude bondage scene that first seats the tautly-roped and tape-gagged pleasure-seekers side-by-side on a couch! After ordering the embarrassed girls to rub tits together for her enjoyment, Charlotte's betrayed partner tightens their plight by folding them onto their hips with wrist- ankle tethers! Despite their daunting restraint, Lexi and Charlotte's luscious naked bodies never cease their frantic striving to escape!

ID #: FB-333
Price: $30.00