Bound, Gagged And Looking For Rescue - DVD
45 Minutes, Six Models

A tough cookie who's not intimidated by authority, Brooklyn Chase laughs at her interrogators -- until they throw away the rule book, order Brooklyn to strip and tie her naked to a chair! Her legs spread by ankle and thigh ropes that place her pussy front and center, Brooklyn tries to remain defiant but after she's gagged with duct tape and left to think about her predicament, the hard-shelled chick begins to melt!

Lexi Bloom enjoyed playing with Embry Prada when the innocent newcomer lay in bondage before her, so she can hardly be surprised when Embry returns the favor! With topless Lexi kneeling tautly bound and tape-gagged, Embry gleefully fondles her breasts and squeezes her nipples before completing the humiliating payback by pushing Lexi onto her stomach and tantalizing her bare soles!

There's nothing particularly ominous about a tan sheet lying on a couch -- until it starts moving! Then it's slowly pulled aside to uncover the startling sight of a neatly roped and cleave-gagged Layla Rose squirming in captivity! Ordered to exhibit herself by a threatening voice, the buxom little prisoner writhes barefoot and bare- breasted to the accompaniment of malicious comments!

Perched on a high stool, Marlena Mercurio wriggles in several hundred feet of thin cotton cord that's been intricately entwined about her body by Nikki Nefarious! Marlena's motions are severely restricted by her restraint and her voice stifled by a thick black cloth tied over mouth-packing, but her expressive eyes vividly communicate her reactions to a ous plight!

Two sweet little captives struggle bound, cleave-gagged and toe-tied on the hardwood floor when Kiera Winters and Mae Olsen are held hostage! Seated quietly at first, backs to the wall, the girls twist and turn as they attempt to free themselves; Mae's nude except for her panties while Kiera's bathrobe falls open to reveal breasts and pussy!

ID #: FB-334
Price: $30.00