Hot Blondes' Bondage Thrills - DVD
44 Minutes, Six Models

Nikki Scott and Kelly Collins generate megawatts of erotic electricity as they bind, gag and toy with each other!

When a photographer challenges his two favorite models to create dynamic bondage interactions, Nikki and Kelly respond with sizzling commitment! Nikki obviously relishes the dominant role she's been assigned in the first scene: Once Kelly stands bound, gagged and linked to the outdoor bar where the two hotties had been hanging out, she works feverishly to peel back layer after layer of clothing from her wriggling girlfriend! With growing excitement, Nikki unbuttons Kelly's top, pulls open her bra, yanks her skirt up and panties down, then treats herself to handfuls of glowing girlflesh! Biting on the white cloth between her lips, captive damsel Kelly moans in playful while Nikki fondles her enticing body!

When it's time to swap roles, Kelly looms above Nikki, who sits roped onto a barstool, her legs spread wide to reveal a glaring absence of panties! After liberating her cooing captive's delectable breasts, Kelly's hands stray back and forth between Nikki's nipples and beckoning pussy before she decides to create more vulnerable flesh by sliding off the fetishy heels from Nikki's bound bare feet! Surprised by Kelly's fingertip assault on her soles, Nikki writhes and giggles, then gasps through her gag when her creative tormentor menacingly maneuvers one of her spike-heeled pumps between her legs! But before Kelly can complete her initiative, their mentor intervenes to decree another reversal of fortune!

After the blonde playgirls move indoors, Kelly returns to restraint nude seated on a coffee-table! Nikki retaliates for her galpal's mischievous behavior by tickling her toe-tied bare feet, then returns as if magnetically attracted to her rope-framed breasts! Kelly's playful protests are unencumbered by a gag - - a circumstance explained when Nikki aggressively guides her toes into the surprised girl's mouth and a reluctant Kelly to suck them! Her dominance emphasized by foot-worship, Nikki slaps white tape over Kelly's lips before tilting back her defenseless body to achieve more blatant exposure of the squealing victim's nether regions!

Naked in the sunlight, Nikki's trussed into a revealing seated position that spreads her legs while forcing her toe-tied feet into sole-to-sole contact! Much less happy in a submissive role but aroused by Kelly's knowledgeable fondling, tape-gagged Nikki whimpers excitedly but grimaces when the tape's peeled from her lips because she knows what's coming -- Kelly's feet! As her foot- worship revenge proceeds, Kelly wields her toes with precision, not only pushing them into Nikki's mouth, but using them to massage her pussy-lips!

Despite a few distasteful surprises, Nikki and Kelly were delighted by the erotic pleasure created by their bondage play. But both girls are shocked when the man who initiated the festivities announces that for him to derive the greatest visual satisfaction from their beautiful bodies in restraint they must share captivity! Their indignant protests ignored, the securely tied and tape-gagged models struggle intrepidly on a hardwood floor until they're seated back- to- back! Then their manipulative mentor springs a final surprise by pushing them onto their sides, where their motions are hindered by wrist-ankle tethers! Blonde, beautiful and hopelessly bound, Nikki and Kelly act out energetically in a final scene they hadn't expected to play!

ID #: HH-58
Price: $30.00