Tickle Hell Ticklish Pit Stop - DVD
56 Minutes, Five Models

Who's that disheveled and bare-breasted businesswoman whose pantyhosed soles are suffering under the fingers and electrical toothbrush of gleeful Scarlett Fay? Why, it's our old friend Aaliyah Love, whose new look doesn't alter her underlying problem -- she's ticklish as hell and will always encounter wicked people who enjoy tying her up and taking advantage of her vulnerable nerve-endings!

Wow -- Charlotte Stokely must have been really unhappy about the massage she got from Elle Alexandra because the volatile blonde stretches out the ultra-ticklish redhead on her massage table, then crawls up and down her naked body, tickling as she goes! Shrieking and writhing in ropes as her underarms, ribs, hips, knees and soles are attacked by Charlotte's fingernails, Elle prays for release, but crazygirl's having too much fun!

Brooklyn Chase hates, hates, hates having her feet merely touched, so you can imagine how she feels about the prospect of having her tender foot-bottoms assailed by ten energetic fingers! But there was nothing the buxom bound beauty could do except laugh in misery while her feet quivered from the tickling that later explored sensitive flesh above her ankles!

Talk about unfair: Mae Olsen's a tiny nude sprite bound hand and foot and laughing under the fingers of Kiera Winters -- and then Kiera summons help from a merciless male whose ungentle tickling style has Mae screaming for mercy as she thrashes about on the couch!

Blonde and curvy, with a pretty-girl-next-door presence, Bailey Blue's almost too nice to tickle! But she also possesses a pair of deeply arched bare soles that beg to be tantalized --- and the rest of her bare-skinned body conceals other treasures for the tickler! Sorry, Bailey, you'll look great as you giggle and squirm!

Aaliyah Love has a problem: she's naked, her ankles are bound, her wrists are tied above her head as she lies back on a couch --- and she's quite ticklish! To demonstrate the latter point, Nikki Nefarious zestfully works over the noisy wriggler from her wrinkly soles to her underarms until Aaliyah's gasping for air!

ID #: TH-89
Price: $25.00