Trusting Girls Trussed And Gagged - DVD
43 Minutes, Five Models

When a feeble senior citizen appeared at her door, warm-hearted Brooklyn Chase was glad to offer her assistance. The reward for her generosity? The pretty young secretary was tied up and cleave-gagged, then left to struggle bare-breasted while her apartment was looted by the shameless old crook!

A stressful career led Scarlett Fay to the couch of rogue therapist Dr. Aaliyah Love. Once she was there, the bad doctor utilized such unorthodox therapeutic techniques as tightly binding her patient, gagging her with duct tape, then calmly taking notes on Scarlett's progress as she writhed in a hogtie!

Unscrupulous thieves made Lilly Banks a hostage so they could her husband to assist them in an illegal withdrawal of funds from the bank that he managed. Roped to a chair and tape-gagged, Lilly worked hard to free herself but her callous captor dumped her on the floor and exposed her breasts as a warning to avoid causing any more trouble!

Natalie Nice was looking forward to the most important meeting of her career, but a ruthless little operator named Shyla Jennings derailed her plans by surprising her at home. No-nonsense Shyla swiftly and efficiently trussed up and tape-gagged her pretty blonde victim, then dumped her in a vacant closet so she could take Natalie's place at the meeting!

The most innocent wide-eyed petite blonde captive imaginable, Chloe Lynn wriggled feebly in the black-rope bondage that dominated her white blouse and skirt. After she balanced uneasily for several minutes as she stood in the corner, tape-gagged Chloe was folded into tethered restraint on the floor, where the bare- breasted girl continued her unequal battle with unyielding ropework!

ID #: SB-98
Price: $30.00