I Wrapped A Girl And I Liked It - DVD
46 Minutes, Five Models

When girls wrap girls, there's a 100% chance of sweating, squealing and squirming!

To achieve empathy, it's been suggested that one should walk a mile in another's shoes. Chloe Lynn and Lola Foxx altered the terms by sampling the sensations of wrapping one after the other while taking turns in the dominant role. First, Lola assumed the position in a cocoon of clear plastic and bright red tape and surrendered control of her small body to Chloe, who took obvious pleasure in moving the mumbling brunette around and stroking her plastic- covered flesh!

Despite her patriotic array of red and blue tape circling her body and white self- adhesive over her mouth, Chloe's response to her restraint was predictably ill-tempered. Equally predictable was Lola's enthusiasm when given the opportunity to take advantage of Chloe's immobility, most strikingly when her blonde girlfriend lay squirming on a bed! Straddling Chloe and handling her with casual contempt, Lola smiled happily as she ignored the wrapped captive's murmured protests!

What's black and white and red all over? Why, it's Lexi Bloom once she's squeezed into a plastic sheath, sealed with circles of black tape, silenced with white tape and placed on a red couch so that her nude girlfriend Ashley Bennett can amuse herself by playing with Lexi's fine little body! The enjoyment appears to be one-sided, though Lexi giggles when Ashley's fingernails contact her naked soles!

There's nothing like a demented medical professional to ruin your day, as Scarlett Fay discovers when she falls into the clutches of nutso nurse Aaliyah Love! Aaliyah insists that she can improve Scarlett's health by wrapping her in plastic and duct tape; when the patient turns skeptical, tape on the mouth muffles her doubts! Then Aaliyah can focus on applying her unique hands-on therapy to Scarlett's writhing body without being annoyed by her indignant protests!

Confined by shoulder-to-ankle duct-tape mummification, wide-eyed Charlotte Stokely's about as helpless as it's possible to be! And that's very bad news for Charlotte because she's at the mercy of Elle Alexandra in full Crazygirl mode -- Elle crawls all over her shiny prisoner, teasing her soft bare feet and snuggling close as Charlotte protests ineffectually behind her tape-gag!

ID #: WR-58
Price: $30.00