Laura Lee: Bound For Reality - DVD
52 Minutes, One Model

"Reality"- TV star Laura Lee arranges a phony snatching to raise the sagging ratings of her program -- then Dangerous Reality arrives in the person of a well-known Diva!

When it appears that viewers are getting tired of "Living Large With Laura Lee", the busty performer schemes with "consultant" Eden Wells to rescue her reality show. To inject some excitement into the talky format, the conspirators decide that a dramatic grabbing and binding of Laura is just what the ratings doctor ordered! Wasting no time, Eden and her henchman seize the sexy celebrity in front of a horrified assistant and carry her off into captivity! As bound and gagged Laura squirms on the floor and emotes wide-eyed for a rogue cameraman, Eden warns viewers that their heroine will be released only when a hefty ransom's been paid!

Eden and Laura agree that they need to sex up the "hostage's" predicament so they present her fabulous body clad in skin-tight bra and panties and trussed to a chair raised high on a mini-stage! Writhing desperately in taut ropework and munching on a stuffing- in-stocking gag, Laura gives an award-winning performance certain to enthrall her fans! What the folks at home won't see when the camera's turned off is Laura unbound and laughing with Eden about the success of their deception. But a Dangerous woman whose eyes penetrate the darkest depths IS watching!

Laura Lee, meet Dangerous Diva! Relaxing at home after a shower, the towel-clad beauty's at a major disadvantage for her first encounter with the cat-suited crime queen, who unceremoniously yanks the towel off her naked body and ball-gags her! While Laura whimpers in disbelief, the Diva entangles her in a web of black rope that's highlighted by a ruthlessly invasive crotch-rope! Once Laura's standing securely bound to a chest of drawers, the Dangerous One happily informs her that she's been hijacked into a DD production; in contrast to her fabricated jeopardy, the voluptuous starlet won't have to act during the X-rated webisodes that her captor will be directing and starring in! There's no question that Laura's amazement and anguish are authentic -- especially when the Diva lasciviously fondles her spectacular breasts!

As the Diva and Laura Show continues, only one of its stars is enjoying herself! Not surprising because DD has her nude plaything to kneel on her bed in bondage designed to display Laura's curves with maximum impact! After cloth-stuffing her mouth and securing it with a classic overmouth gag, the Diva arrogantly handles the hapless prisoner's flesh; when she notices that Laura's tired of balancing on her knees, she thoughtfully lowers the girl onto her stomach and into a hogtie! It's been a day of shocking surprises for Laura and as she rolls about uncomfortably on the bed she receives the most stunning of all: Into the bedroom saunters Eden, who reveals that she DD's partner in crime!

Enthusiastically double-teamed by callous rope-mistresses, the once- cocky starlet bitterly repents setting a scheme in motion that's ended with her flagrant humiliation before an internet audience of Dangerous Diva's most depraved clients! After they've immobilized Laura with an intricately-executed lotus-tie, the predatory women toy with breasts and feet vulnerable to their roaming fingers! What a contrast in emotions: DD and Eden laugh at Laura's contortions and delight in the profit and pleasure they've created for themselves and their viewers, while the young woman who lived large by throwing her life open to the world moans through her ball- gag as she's tilted into precarious positions that maximize her exposure!

ID #: HH-60
Price: $25.00