Bound Girls Get Fondled - DVD
48 Minutes, Five Models

Nikki Scott learns a harrowing lesson in the s of celebrity when she's confronted in her home by crazed admirer Lena Shelby! Lena's so impressed by Nikki's portrayal of B-movie heroines that she arranges a private performance by tying and cleave-gagging the astonished starlet! Enthusiatically playing the villainess, Lena lustfully fondles the amazing breasts she's bared before leaving Nikki writhing on the floor, panties down around her ankles!

If you think that Nikki's about to meekly accept her humiliation by Lena, you've got an explosive surprise coming! After she tracks down her deluded fan, the blonde bombshell ties her standing to a china cabinet, tightens a black cleave between her lips and pays back the whimpering Lena with massive interest! Once all the tit- tweaking, ass-spanking and hair-pulling's over, Lena truly understands what it feels like to be a DID!

Apprentice gangster-girl Mandy Sky figured the big boss would never notice if her sticky fingers removed a few krugerrands from his collection -- wrong! When the coins are discovered after she's to strip, hapless Mandy's roped naked to a chair with her legs spread and moans behind her tape-gag while enress Sophie Nova disciplines her with rough handling and ice cubes!

Once Georgia Jones has tiny blonde Brandi Blunt neatly trussed and tape- gagged on the edge of the bed, she zestfully examines her breasts while Brandi whimpers, then greedily mouths her squirming captive's size-4-1/2 bare feet!

When Georgia Jones battles bondage, she fills the room with emotion and energy! Perched on the edge of a bathtub, Georgia fights vigorously against the tight coils of black rope that entwine her nude body and makes herself heard despite the black cleave jammed between her lips! The courageous girl never submits, even after she slips into the tub with the formidable restraint still defiantly embracing her!

ID #: FB-338
Price: $30.00