Internet Romance Gone Wrong - DVD
51 Minutes, Two Models

Bailey Blue's handsome internet hero turns out to be a hideous real-life villain!

Junior exec Presley Hart heads to the office after enviously nodding good-bye to housemate Bailey Blue, who's beginning her day of relaxation in lingerie. A trust-fund girl house-sitting with Presley in her parents' mansion, Bailey has plenty of time to spend on the internet, but her obsession's about to take an unpleasant twist. Shortly after Presley's departure, Bailey hears the door open and a shabbily-dressed older man suddenly appears in the living-room and proclaims that he's the stud who Bailey's been corresponding with on a dating site! While Bailey recoils in alarm, the unwelcome visitor casually admits to shading the truth about himself and appropriating a photo that belonged to a considerably younger man. When the irate girl orders him to leave, the sleazy old impersonator turns nasty and grabs Bailey, who he ties up and tape-gags as she frantically resists. Struggling bare-breasted and hogtied, the pampered young woman listens fearfully while the fraudulent character rants that she'll be punished for rejecting him!

Unluckily for Presley, she returns home to retrieve papers she's forgotten and stumbles onto the shocking sight of the gagged and bound Bailey writhing on her stomach! Before she can even begin to free her friend, Presley's made prisoner and trussed into a snug lotus-tie in front of the fireplace by the ominous home-invader. While he relocates Bailey elsewhere in the house, plucky Presley strains desperately against the baffling ropework and discovers that the tape-gag severely limits her ability to speak! When the swaggering senior returns, he callously pushes Presley onto her side and happily informs the trembling captive that she'll soon be reunited with Bailey!

As good as his word, the vicious intruder brings the helpless house- mates back together in naked bondage on top of a coffee table! Sitting side-by-side, Bailey and Presley eye each other nervously and mumble through cleave-gags as they listen to the bizarre figure move around the house. Apparently energized by his transgressions, Bailey's sinister suitor strides into the room holding a valuable sculpture that he's liberated from its niche and views his table- bound handiwork with evident pleasure. Bailey and Presley whimper their pleas for mercy but instead he sadistically increases their misery by turning them on their sides and hitching each girl wrist-to-ankle.

Time for photographic mementoes of the day that's turned disastrous for Bailey and Presley but has clearly become a delightful occasion for their tormentor! Decking out the sweating girls in classic bondage, crotch-ropes and ball-gags, the deranged oldster gleefully snaps off picture after picture while the unhappy subjects of his malicious enterprise twist hopelessly against the railing where he's tethered them. There's at least a dim light at the end of the tunnel for Presley and Bailey, however, since the dangerous eccentric finally seems to have quenched his thirst for revenge and promises that he'll leave them in a more comfortable setting when he departs.

Of course, comfort's a relative thing, especially in the eyes of a lunatic! Gagged with knotted black cleaves and bound back-to -back on a bed at first, the nearly exhausted victims are finally allowed to recline -- but only after they're into cross-ankled hogties and subjected to one last outburst of gloating before the malevolent man mercifully departs. Bailey pathetically mumbles her apologies to Presley for the misjudgement that led to their predicament, then rolls closer to her friend as they wait for someone -- anyone -- to come to their rescue!

ID #: HH-61
Price: $25.00