Keira And Niki: Condo Conflict Captives - DVD
53 Minutes, Two Models

When Keira Kelly and Niki Lee Young clash over a desirable dwelling, they attempt to resolve it with ropework!

Keira's flying high since she outbid Niki for a great condo -- but she's brought back to earth when she's surprised by an intruder, who ropes her to a chair and ties a cloth between her lips! Bare- breasted and wide-eyed, Keira twists frantically in bondage, unaware that the invasion of her new home was masterminded by Niki, who's determined to gain control of the condo by fair means or foul!

Niki's secret campaign against Keira escalates drastically when the frightened girl's stripped bare, then tightly trussed in a standing position supported by an overhead rope suspension! Horizontal black ropes aggressively compresses Keira's pale flesh, counterpointed by a vertical rope that spreads her pussy-lips! Understandably distraught, the naked captive moans behind a blue ball- gag while straining desperately against her knotted restraint!

Allowed by Niki's surrogate to wear a short black nighty, Keira's bound kneeling on her bed, lips sealed with duct tape! ing as her situation may be, it's rendered even more unpleasant when she's hogtied and rolls about on the bed, her panties mischievously pulled down to emphasize her vulnerability! When Keira frees herself at last, it's hardly surprising that the condo's no longer a home she can bear to live in!

After using a frightening bondage campaign to drive Keira from the condo she wanted so badly, Niki's now in possession and loving it! So much so that the callous young woman happily settles in front of her wide-screen TV to watch video taken by her henchman of Keira's pathetic struggling! But Niki's triumph will be short-lived because a PI hired by her predecessor uncovered the vicious scheme and Keira's about to strike back! Now it's Niki writhing ball-tied and ball- gagged on the floor in front of the TV where she celebrated her tainted triumph! Her breasts bared, Niki wriggles on the hardwood and whimpers as she awaits the unfolding of her deserved retribution!

Humiliation and vulnerability go hand in hand when Niki's tied to a chair, her legs spread wide to expose her pussy. Cleave- gagged and pinned to the chair, the devious blonde wriggles with almost hysterical energy but Keira's agent of vengeance has done his work well! For a moment, Niki's relieved when her legs are released from their uncomfortable spread, but less happy when her ankles are bound and her bare feet suspended high in the air; misery reaches its peak when her soles are tickled to the accompaniment of agonized squealing!

Bound and naked, Niki sits apprehensively on a long wooden bench -- and her fears are realized when her mouth is stuffed and lips sealed with tape! But worse is yet to come, because in a few moments the terrified schemer's rolled onto her stomach and efficiently hogtied! Thin cord twined around her big toes glues her naked feet together, while taut chest and knee ropes emphasize Niki's utter immobility! Painfully dosed with her own medicine, Niki imagines an awful ending to her ordeal, but when rough hands rip the tape from her lips, she's given the opportunity to end the conflict that's brought so much anguish to both women!

ID #: HH-62
Price: $30.00