Costume Dresses Designed For Bondage - DVD
46 Minutes, Five Models

Martina Warren's subjected to a provocative bondage sequence while dressed in a unique costume -- she's an old-fashioned casino cigarette girl whose frilly pink dress is accompanied by long gloves and top hat! First tied standing to a bedpost and gagged with a knotted white cleave, the beauteous Brit suffers embarrassing exposure as she sits on the bed, arms spread and roped to the headboard, legs frogged, toes tied, boobs and pussy bared!

Heather Vahn loved the idea of portraying a cheerleader dressed in a glossy red, white and blue costume, sneakers and socks, but her modeling gig turned weird after Loren Chance showed up to add rope and duct tape to her outfit! Incredulous at this turn of events, the willowy brunette struggles angrily as she sits, then kneels, on a yellow lounge, but her indignant wailing only convinces the depraved director that Heather's even more enticing in !

Bailey Blue looks sweet and innocent in her bright red plaid skirt and modest white blouse, but what's she doing sneakily approaching that safe? Planning to make a light-fingered withdrawal, that's what, but Bailey's walked into a trap that leaves the wide -eyed blonde standing trussed up and murmuring unhappily through her black cleave-gag! Matters only become more uncomfortable for Bailey as she's to sit bare-assed on the safe, her breasts and feet exposed!

Nurse Natalia Starr must have broken some very important rules because head nurse Niki Lee Young deals out drastic punishment to her white-clad subordinate! Bound with black rope and gagged at first with white self-adhesive tape, Natalia stands defenseless while Niki squeezes her bare breasts! After she Natalia to sit on the floor and rein her gag with duct tape, Niki sits back in an armchair and aggressively massages the hapless prisoner's breasts and face with her stockinged feet!

Malingering maids take note: If you neglect your duties and forget to lock the doors, you may share the fate of alluring chamber- maid Jamie Lynn! Tired of standing in high heels, Jamie slips them off and props her bare feet on a table, but when she's surprised by an intruder, poor Jamie's break-time comes to a crashing conclusion! Her mouth stuffed with cloth, lips sealed with pink tape, the sexy maid's bound to a chair and her breasts exposed! Ultimately stripped of her costume except for the lonely little tiara, Jamie wriggles nude and humiliated on a lounge, her wrists and ankles roped together to induce maximum awkwardness!

ID #: CB-53
Price: $25.00