Couples Bound Together Stay Together - DVD
50 Minutes, Twelve Models

Randy Moore does a double-take when she enters the bedroom and finds her muscular middle- aged boyfriend Alexander tied to the bed and gagged with green tape! Randy has only a few seconds to watch her struggling man before she becomes part of the bondage tableau; straddling Alexander face-on with her arms and legs bound, lips sealed with red tape, Randy wriggles energetically as first her bra and then her panties disappear!

Tightly trussed with black rope and gagged with a red ball, bare- breasted Cali Logan rolls around on the floor, a damsel in undress hoping for a hero to arrive! Boyfriend Lance, unfortunately, is in no position to play the rescuer's role since he's lying similarly bound and ball-gagged in his underwear next to Cali! The couple awkwardly attempts to tweak their wrist and ankle bonds as they lie back-to-back but experience zero success!

Jordan wants to convince a pair of sinister friends that he's a kinky bad boy so he tricks innocent little Jenna J. Ross into bare-breasted bondage, then invites them to watch his slave struggle! What naive Jordan doesn't grasp, however, is that he's Slave #2 in their eyes, a reality that's driven home to him as he squirms on the bed next to Jenna while his "friends" comment clinically on their trussed-up and tape-gagged prisoners!

We'd all agree with husband Dolph that Samantha Ryan's a tasty dish but he never expected to find her served up bound and bare- skinned on the dining table when he arrived home! Hands roped above her head as she lies on her back and gagged with duct tape, nude Samantha writhes and moans while the embarrassed Dolph, taken prisoner himself, lies beneath her on the floor, also tape-gagged and tethered to the table!

Tiffany Marshall asks her pal Nikki Nefarious to turn her into a Christmas present for hubby John, so Nikki wraps the lovely housewife in rope before the Christmas tree and gags her with pink tape! While she awaits John's return, Tiffany enjoys playing the helpless heroine as she wriggles and squeals playfully on the floor! John's understandably charmed when he encounters his bound and gagged present, but not nearly as happy when Nikki jumps him, then lays him on the floor, a roped and gagged captive, next to Tiffany!

Lena Shelby's husband Max enjoyed coin-collecting and it seemed like a harmless hobby -- until thieves invaded their home and made Lena a hostage to Max to open his safe and turn over the precious metal! Tied up and cleave-gagged, Lena sits wide-eyed and fearful on the couch as her man finally gives in to the heartless criminals! Once they've got their hands on the loot, Max joins Lena in bondage; as a final mean-spirited touch, they expose the helpless girl's breasts and leave the couple to struggle toward their release!

ID #: CC-34
Price: $25.00