Sweet Sole Sisters - DVD
52 Minutes, Nine Models

After they strip down to their panties, bare-breasted playgirls Britney Young and Charlee Monroe just can't keep their feet off each other! Smiling and comfortable, Britney and Charlee fondle foot to foot, show off each other's bare soles and delicately touch toes to tits!

Sophia Taylor and Vanessa Sixxx present a curious contrast: Sophia's several inches taller than Vanessa but her size-5 feet appear diminutive next to her petite pal's size-7s, especially when they exhibit their foot-bottoms! The enticing brunettes clearly enjoy being paired together, as they press their feet arch-to-arch and even attempt toe-locking!

Nude and endearing, sweet sprite Lilly Banks happily poses her naked feet as she sprawls on a bright yellow lounge; Lilly's downright irresistible when lies on her tummy and swings up her slender soles in line with her smiling face!

As she perches on an antique wooden chair, high-spirited Stacie Jaxxx first proudly displays soft little toes with sparkling dark nails, then the topless tease kneels to reveal fresh pink foot-bottoms!

Like Stacie, busty Ainsley Addison takes pride in toenails that sparkle, but hers are red, and as she curls up on a couch, bare- breasted Ainsley grants us a view of naked soles creased with wrinkles!

Adorable Chloe Lynn's won a multitude of admirers with her blonde beauty and shapely feet; now she's brought her friend Lola Fox, a brunette sprite, to share bedtime barefoot play with her! Together, Chloe and Lola offer mouth-watering perspectives on four wriggling foot-bottoms when they lie side-by-side on their tummies!

ID #: FC-537
Price: $20.00