Grab And Bind Of Stacie Jaxx: Stacie's Starring Role - DVD
51 Minutes, One Model

Ambitious actress Stacie Jaxx believes she's going to replace Eden Wells as the star of a B-movie, but Eden has a startling surprise in store for Stacie!

Encouraged by the film's producer, Stacie confronts Eden on the bar- room set and attempts to intimidate her. But Eden refuses to back down and, with help from a hooded henchman, subdues, binds and gags the arrogant starlet! As she squirms on a barstool, Stacie begins to understand that she's been set up by colleagues who believe she needs an attitude adjustment. Eden gets the process underway by baring her breasts and roughly handling them; while Stacie squeals indignantly, Eden critiques her shortcomings as a performer, but promises to give lessons to her captive rival!

The lessons begin with Stacie seated ball-tied and ball-gagged on top of the bar; the wide-eyed girl's stylish black dress has disappeared, replaced by a pink plaid miniskirt and frilly black bra! Eden informs Stacie that she's been placed in this precarious position so that teacher can aid pupil to extend her emotional range -- specifically to show more fear! To accomplish this goal, Eden thoughtfully extends the flame of a cigarette lighter uncomfortably close to Stacie's bound bare feet; already unnerved by the narrow bar she's perched on, Stacie whimpers anxiously as the flame approaches! Once she's terrorized her prisoner, Eden removes the lighter and sarcastically congratulates Stacie on her realistic expression of fear.

Eden contends that Stacie's too clumsy and awkward to be a star so she must learn to move more gracefully; Eden's drastic solution is to lead Stacie around the room with a rope around her waist! Trussed up above the waist, tape-gagged and naked except for a domino mask and long black gloves, Stacie plays a disgraced cat-burglar humiliated by the triumphant Eden, who her to walk on tiptoe and later adds a crotch-rope! When Eden feels that Stacie's received sufficient vertical instruction, she switches to horizontal tutoring by hogtying the moaning girl on the floor and leaving her while she prepares the next lesson!

Eden's hooded helper briefly returns to carry the nude, bound and cleave- gagged Stacie down stairs leading to a narrow space several feet below the level of the living-room floor. After tethering Stacie's wrists and ankles, Eden relishes her domination of the powerless girl by fondling her breasts, then contends that a resourceful actress often must deal with grueling physical obstacles. Prove that you can be a successful action-film performer, Eden challenges Stacie, by struggling back up the stairs! Fearful of the consequences if she refuses, Stacie wriggles across the floor; once Eden removes the tether, she finally passes her test. As Stacie lies exhausted at the top of the stairs, Eden towers over her and promises a final lesson!

Reward or punishment? Eden ropes Stacie to a red leather chair, her ankles tied separately to the chair-legs so that her pussy's exposed to the attention of a vibrator! Gagged with pink tape, Stacie quivers after Eden turns on the toy and exhorts her to stretch her erotoc capacities as wide as her legs! Moaning in unwilling ecstasy, Stacie spasms to orgasm, then collapses and breathes heavily until Eden returns to remove the tape from her lips. When she's finally able to respond to Eden's question, a humbled Stacie answers in a way she couldn't have imagined a few hours before!

ID #: KD-71
Price: $25.00