Topless Babes Tightly Tied - DVD
41 Minutes, Eight Models

It's a beautiful day and the swimming pool's only a few feet away, but backyard bondage captives Kendra James and Scarlet Banks are incapable of enjoying the idyllic environment! Mouthing black cleave gags and twisting against the bonds that encircle their naked bodies down to their toe-tied bare feet, Scarlet and Kendra thrash about noisily on the ground as they try to escape their mysterious !

Relieved of their clothing, Sophia Taylor and Vanessa Sixxx share a harrowing ordeal that finds the nude housemates lying bound and gagged on their bathroom floor! Because Vanessa's hitched to a towel- ring and Sophia to a door-handle, the girls remain separated as they struggle desperately and murmur to each other through their tape- gags!

Dynamic bare-skinned brunette Lyla Storm simply won't stop fighting against her bondage even after she's been rigorously rope- bound, elbow-tied and ball-gagged! Standing defiantly at first, Lyla bends and twists before sliding onto the floor where she continues to challenge the hard wood with her soft flesh!

Provocative yet innocent in a sequin-trimmed white dress, Jamie Lynn unwillingly submits to the dark side when she's bound with black rope and gagged with a black cleave! Permitted to sit upright in a red leather chair at first, Jamie's legs are later folded onto the chair and tethered to it; despite her immobilizing restraint, the bare- breasted and barefoot heroine never ceases to defy her captor!

Halloween's not going to be a treat for sisters in Natalia and Natasha Starr, who are rudely divested of their costumes before their naked bodies are fully entwined with black rope! Under the eyes of pitiless intruders, the humiliated girls kneel nude and ball-gagged (red for Natalia and blue for Natasha) on the orange platform they'd prepared for their party until they're lowered onto their sides and their lithe bodies compressed with wrist-ankle tethers!

ID #: FB-345
Price: $25.00