Starrs In Hogties - DVD
46 Minutes, Six Models

Natalia and Natasha Starr trade hogties as they battle each other in a sisterly civil war! An exciting new model and a long-time favorite also get the hogtie treatment! A pair of hot housemates avoid the hogtie but can't escape rigorous ropework!

The bedroom becomes a battleground when the Starrs fall out! Older sis Natasha gets the drop on Natalia, ties her sibling in her skimpy black nightie, then exposes her breasts and fondles them in a very unsisterly fashion while Natalia squeals through a black cleave! Once she's concluded the boob grabbing, Natasha flips her unhappy sister on her stomach and hogties her; Natalia's shapely bare soles wriggle in a toe-tie while Natasha proudly observes her handiwork!

Dark-haired sprite Jamie Daniels walks into a hazardous situation at home that leaves her stripped to her pink panties and kneeling bound and ball-gagged on her couch! After watching the enticing bare-breasted prisoner wriggle and drool, Jamie's captor opts for a better view of her toe-tied bare feet by tipping her into hogtied restraint!

Carli Banks has a confession to make: The oft-bondaged blonde starlet's favorite position is the hogtie! We believe in keeping our models happy, so we gave Carli the opportunity to play damsel in by roping her lithe naked body into a cross-ankled HT and ball-gagging her(?)! Of course, Carli took full advantage by arching and twisting on the bed as she demonstrated once again how she's won so many admirers! [Jason -- I wasn't sure about the ball-gag; might have been tape...or cleave!]

Alexis Allen was still dazed when she followed the intruder's order to stuff cloth into the mouth of her trussed and naked housemate Scarlet Banks, then to seal her lips with duct tape! While the criminal's partner watched over the fearful captive, he Alexis to assist him in carrying out a carefully-planned plot; when they returned to the bedroom, the innocent girl was to strip! Their usefulness ended, Scarlet and Alexis were left to struggle and moan in tethered restraint on their hips! After leaning close and attempting to strip the tape from each other's lips, the weary girls surrender to their bondage as Scarlet slumps into Alexis' lap.

Natasha Starr discovers that payback has a sour taste, especially if it arrives in the form of the cleave-gag that she'd tied between Natalia's lips only a few hours earlier! Little sister Natalia shows that she's learned Natasha's tricks and adds a few of her own as she accompanies the black cleave with black ropes, highlighted by a starkly vertical crotch-rope! While big sister gasps and writhes on her knees, Natalia tweaks her nipples and tugs on the crotch- rope before giving Natasha a dose of the hogtie medicine that she was to swallow! Natasha's vigorous but futile struggling brings an end to this episode of the family feud --- let's hope there'll be more to come!

ID #: FB-346
Price: $30.00