The Lingerie Peeper - DVD
46 Minutes, Three Models

Beware of the Peeper! Lurking in the shadows, he watches beautiful girls frolicking in lingerie. Slipping into their rooms, he binds and gags them, then savors their plight as they whimper and squirm!

Jamie Daniels and Sophia Taylor engage in enticing girl-play as they try on bra and panties, then giggle their way through a pillow-fight! But, unbeknownst to the innocent housemates, the Peeper's staring at them through the window; when he catches Jamie alone, he ropes her into a lotus-tie and cleave-gags her! Her wide eyes fixed on the intruder, Jamie wriggles in pink bra and panties on her bed, then falls onto her side and moans in fear!

Now it's Sophia's turn: exquisite in black bra and panties plus high heels, the petite but buxom captive kneels trussed and cleave-gagged on a couch, unhappily aware that every undulation of her bound body is being relished by the dangerous man! After Sophia's pumps are removed and her toes tied, the helpless girl lies on her back and kicks up her size-5 bare feet!

Aroused by the success of his despicable scheme, the Peeper temporarily releases his prisoners so that they can model new sets of lingerie for him! Once Jamie's clad in black bra and panties and Sophia in an animal-print set, the diminutive girls are re-tied, gagged with duct tape, and seated side-by-side on an ornamental rock in an expansive shower setting! First Jamie, then Sophia later lie next to each other on a fur rug near the rock; writhing on their tummies, they kick up their legs to bring toe-tied bare feet close to their bound wrists!

Time for the Peeper to make a visual exploration under the bras of his victims, so Jamie and Sophia kneel bare-breasted on the bed, bound with black rope and gagged with white tape! Under the pitiless gaze of their captor, the innocent girls twist and moan in their bonds until they're tethered on their hips against the bed's pillowed headboard! His depraved lust momentarily satiated, the Peeper slips away and leaves the exhausted girls in bondage!

When the Peeper needs a fresh fix of lingeried beauty in restraint, he chooses dark- haired starlet Aleigha Hotstein as his prey! Unbeknownst to Aleigha as she kneels on her bed and slips on her new red teddy, he's watching through her window; when she finally recognizes her , it's too late! Her frilly lingerie webbed with white rope, Aleigha cowers as she stands in the corner of her bedroom and murmurs through a thick black cleave! When the Peeper's had enough of her vertical struggling, he orders Aleigha back onto her bed, where the stunned girl writhes on her side, then rolls onto her stomach with her naked soles held high!

ID #: HH-64
Price: $30.00