Lesbian Bondage Bullies - DVD
54 Minutes, Four Models

Bullying bondage bitches get a taste of their own medicine when their girlfriends strike back...with a little help!

Flamboyant redhead Elle Alexandra spices her day by tying up topless femme- slave Aiden Ashley, who kneels on the bed while Elle reclines. Aiden's ungagged because her mistress is intent on filling her mouth with bare toes, a dish that Aiden finds less than tasty! Once Elle's satisfied her desire for dominance, she hogties and tape-gags the slender slave, toys with her naked body, then blithely goes about her business while Aiden squirms pathetically in restraint!

Aiden's fed up with being Elle's doormat and yearns for payback, so an ad on the internet catches her eye: VINDICTUS -- I'LL HELP YOU BULLY YOUR BULLY! Aiden takes the plunge and surprises Elle with a man in black who overpowers the indignant dom-girl! Looking surprisingly fragile in white lingerie entwined with black rope, tape-gagged Elle wriggles lotus-tied as an exultant Aiden tweaks her nipples with naked toes and probes her ticklish ribs and soles...but Elle's just begun to suffer!

The world's turned upside down for Elle -- she's spreadeagled naked with a vibrator snugly snared to her crotch and her one-time plaything Aiden's looming above her to make sure that the plastic phallus does its job! Powerless to prevent Aiden from teasing an orgasm from her bound body, Elle wails through tape-gagged lips; in the depths of her humiliation, she knows that she's bullied Aiden for the last time!

Not far away, Kelly Anderson sits naked and bound to a chair, the hapless object of pleasure for tyrannical Melody Jordan! Gagged with duct tape, legs spread embarrassingly wide, Kelly wriggles while Melody sensually tweaks and licks her nipples, then tickles her vulnerable soles. After Melody completes her exploration of Kelly's body, the helpless girl wordlessly pleads for release, but her mistress relishes the sight of femininity in restraint!

Thanks to a phone call from her friend Aiden, Kelly learns about Vindictus, who puts Melody in her place! That place is standing roped in nothing but her fishnet stockings while Kelly squeezes her breasts just as insolently as Melody had tormented hers! The buxom bound mistress is powerless to do anything more than splutter angrily through her ball-gag when Kelly yanks down her fishnets and crotch-ropes her; once again, the terms of enslavement have drastically shifted! After she's watched Melody drooling and struggling desperately in her web of rope, Kelly will never be bullied by her again!

ID #: HH-66
Price: $30.00