Sexy Secretaries In Bondage - DVD
47 Minutes, Six Models

Partners in business, Mia and Natasha Malkova become sisters in bondage when they're surprised by thieves determined to get at the contents of their safe! After Natasha admits that the combination's in her office, she's ordered to tie and tape-gag lovely blonde Mia next to the safe, then accompany one of the thugs to retrieve the magic numbers! Mia Malkova struggles alone on the floor until Natasha returns; once the safe's opened, her sister rolls alongside her, similarly bound and gagged!

The shiny pink pumps of exotic executive Kimberly Gates attract a kinky character who binds the sweater-and-skirt-clad beauty and covers her mouth with a wide black gag! Kimberly writhes vigorously in an armchair until her shoes are removed, then strains barefoot on the floor against bondage that frustrates all her efforts to free herself!

Aleigha Hotstein's the victim of neighbors from hell, who imprison the pretty young secretary in her own home! Her lips sealed with tape, her curvaceous body trussed into a lotus-tie and tethered to her piano, Aleigha shivers fearfully while the hostile couple next door bombard her with crude insults. Before leaving, the wicked wife steals Aleigha's colorful pumps and the depraved husband bares her breasts so he can create photographic mementos of the humiliated captive!

After she surrenders an attache case full of sensitive documents, meek little office-worker Jamie Daniels perches on her desk in sweater, skirt and heels, her small body securely bound and her lips separated by a cleave-gag! Her high-pitched moans fill the air as wide-eyed Jamie twists and turns energetically in her precarious position; her spiky black pumps slip off to reveal wriggling black- pantyhosed feet!

Her audition for a low-budget thriller role turns surreal for Britney Lace when the producer suggests that she can understand her Lois Lane-like character better if she's tied up and gagged! Britney's a trouper and eager to win the role so she's soon emoting in tight blouse, skirt and heels, her mouth filled with a white cleave and her voluptuous body neatly bound! Standing at first, Britney's even willing to allow herself to be lowered onto the hardwood floor with her ankles roped, but things get weird when "co-star" Kimberly Gates joins the scene, taunts the helpless actress, pulls off her pumps then leaves her struggling and uncomfortable in front of a producer who seems to be enjoying her plight a bit too enthusiastically!

ID #: SB-103
Price: $30.00