Babysitters In Bondage - DVD
47 Minutes, Three Models

Scarlet Banks is one hot babysitter, but the summery allure communicated by her skimpy dress and sandals attracts the kind of attention that makes her captivity inevitable. Bound on the couch, Scarlet sensually contorts herself against snug ropework, her pleas for release stifled by mouth packing and cleave gag combination!

Somebody obviously wants to get a look at what the babysitter's hiding under her clothes, so sizzling Scarlet takes an unwanted trip to the hardwood floor, where she writhes naked, tape-gagged and hogtied! Scarlet's dark eyes flash and her luxuriant dark hair brushes the floor as her wrists, ankles and toes twist against their restraints, but her invisible audience of one has assured that this pretty prisoner won't be getting loose anytime soon!

Babysitter #2 is brunette sprite Jamie Daniels, who finds herself in a bind while doing her duty at a luxurious home. A veritable lady in grey from her jeans to the tape sealing her lips, Jamie doesn't take her bondage lying down, but slips her bare feet from her sandals, then uses her talented toes to grasp a cell phone in a desperate attempt to dial 911 and call attention to her bizarre predicament!

An emergency hire, Cassie Ramone makes it clear to her employers that she's going to put minimum effort into her job! But Cassie winds up expending maximum energy once her ornery charge tricks her into bondage! First Cassie's neatly bound on the couch in her denim jacket and skirt; annoyed at her situation, the blonde babysitter demands to be released but the duct tape over her mouth interferes with the message! Wriggling on her stomach doesn't help free her from bondage but highlights her pink-nailed toes in flip-flops!

If Cassie thought things couldn't get any worse, she was sadly mistaken! The jacket, skirt and flip-flops have vanished, uncovering flimsy black bra and panties and Cassie's been roped into a ball- tie on the floor! The unlucky girl's tape-gag has disappeared too, but her mischievous captor's replaced it with a rubber ball stuffed between her lips and held in place with a thin cloth strip! Those striking pink nails are still prominently displayed, however, now trapped in a toe-tie as Cassie rolls in frustration on the floor!

Cassie probably should have seen it coming: 100% bare-skinned and cursing herself for ever taking the job, the busted babysitter squirms on her stomach in a taut cross-ankled hogtie! Tape-gagged again, Cassie winces at the discomfort caused by a hardwood floor pressing against soft flesh; things get even more uncomfortable for Cassie when her employers return home and find their babysitter in this deeply humiliating position!

ID #: HH-67
Price: $30.00