Snow For Christmas - DVD
42 Minutes, Four Models

They're here to brighten the holidays: solo debuts from enticing girl-next- door Shae Snow (a two-scene transition from clothed to naked!) and provocative blonde nude Zoey Paige; playful bondage battles between girlfriends Lexi Bloom and Ashley Bennett!

Her Christmas tree sparkling behind her, Shae requests good friend Eden to tie and gag her as a kinky present for her new boyfriend! Wearing a two-part dress and patterned heels, Shae curls up in front of the tree, her status as a present confirmed by the bright-red bow tied around her neck! The ropes that confine her wrists and ankles and showcase the chest straining to break free from fabric successfully establish Shae's consensual captivity, aided by the white cleave tied between beckoning lips! While she waits for her guy to arrive, Shae wriggles playfully, slips out of her shoes and savors her role as the DID!

No longer a bondage virgin, Shae receives an unpleasant surprise from Eden, who her to strip, then ropes her naked body more rigorously! Crotch-roped and gagged with duct tape, the innocent girl kneels and whimpers with wide-eyed apprehension at this strange turn of events - - which only becomes stranger when she's pushed onto her stomach and hogtied! As Shea writhes unhappily before the tree where she basked in holiday cheer shortly before, Eden explains that she's leaving to party with the man who Shae thought was hers!

Exciting newcomer Zoey Paige is nearly six-feet tall, but this blonde and fair- skinned maiden's curvaceous naked body was easily conquered by 1/4-inch black rope, while matching tape kept her complaints to a minimum of mystified moans! Twisting provocatively on her hip, Zoey flashed tits, foot-bottoms and pussy until her feistiness earned her a hogtie that exposed her soles and bottom even more blatantly! Throughout her challenging restraint, Zoey's eyes continued to sparkle with defiant desire!

Lexi Bloom and Ashley Bennett are enterprising and adventurous young ladies who decide to improve their bottom line by installing web-cams in their bedroom! Then they christen their new business with a tasty treat indeed: Ashley kneeling naked and bound on the bed while Lexi plays with her helpless body and invites suggestions from their viewers! Crotch-roped and tape-gagged, Ashley murmurs sensually while Lexi caresses the captive's body with her bare feet, tweaks her nipples, then lowers her onto the bed so she can tease Ashley's toes, soles and bottom!

When she's unroped and roles reversed, Ashley shows that she can play at domination as compellingly as she writhed when she was Lexi's plaything! Now Ashley's got the bright- eyed little brunette in a ball-tie and she enjoys sealing Lexi's protesting mouth closed with pink tape! With the camera's unblinking eye watching, Ashley fondles her galpal's glowing flesh, then tilts Lexi onto her side so she can spank her bottom and tickle her soles! It's all for fun and profit, but it looks like Ashley's having most of the fun now!

ID #: FB-350
Price: $30.00