She'll End Up Hogtied - DVD
47 Minutes, Five Models

Charlotte Stokely gives Keira Kelly a thrilling lesson in bedroom B&D when she the intimidated redhead to kneel tied and tape gagged so that Charlotte can toy with her breasts! Keira's later introduced to the pleasures of a hogtie -- pleasures for Charlotte, that is! -- when her toes are tied so that the naughty blonde can more easily explore her whimpering victim's curvaceous bare feet!

Niki Lee Young's gleaming red ball-gag matches the color of her stay- up stockings, the only garment worn by the blonde captive as she kneels in taut white ropes! After she's lowered onto the floor and hogtied, Niki's stockinged feet flail in the air while she continues to vigorously test the ropework!

Clad in bra and panties, Vanessa Veracruz ties her ankles, then invites an admirer to complete the restraint of her enticing body! Once Vanessa's been gagged with a black cleave and securely bound, the bare-breasted beauty sways on her knees atop a leather ottoman, before wriggling in a hogtie that showcases her exquisite bare feet!

A provocative fantasy unfolds for Britney Lace when she strips naked, blindfolds herself, then savors restraint by a black-clad visitor who tightens rope around her voluptuous body and separates her lips with a knotted black cloth! A crotchrope accentuates Britney' submission as she kneels on a lounge; Britney's encounter with bondage culminates in a hogtie that leaves her writhing erotically!

After sensually surrendering to bondage, Vanessa has the opportunity to reveal her dominant side when sexy Scarlet Banks falls into her clutches! One hot brunette toys with another when Scarlet stands cleave-gagged and trussed before Vanessa, who quickly removes her bra and fondles the squirming captive's bare breasts! Scarlet's naked feet receive admiring attention from Vanessa's hands once she's hogtied on a nearby couch!

ID #: FB-351
Price: $25.00