Helpless Heroines In Bondage - DVD
49 Minutes, Six Models

Two mouth-watering pairs of size-5 bare feet are bound for trouble when a sole- obsessed villain captures their owners, Cassie Laine and Sophia Taylor! Bare-breasted and tape-gagged, Cassie and Sophia watch apprehensively while their petite feet are secured to a wooden bench and their big toes tied, then wail and wiggle when their captor tickles and ices soft and sensitive foot-bottoms unable to escape his depredations!

Kimberly Gates had a rough day at work but things really went south for the dark- haired starlet when she returned home! Seized by a hooded creep, Kimberly's to remove her dress and boots, then stand trembling in her panties while her hands and chest are encircled with rope and her lips sealed with duct tape! Next perched on a wooden chest, her knees and ankles bound, poor Kimberly wriggles in discomfort as the intruder fondles her slender toe-tied bare feet before abandoning her to work out her own release!

Blonde and busty Britney Lace looks irresistible in her tight black minidress and boots -- just ask Zarena Summers, who certainly doesn't resist the temptation to fondle the bound and squirming Britney! Secured into a standing position by a rope anchored overhead, Britney's easy prey for Zarena, who pulls down her dress and indulges in some old- fashioned tit-squeezing while the tape-gagged victim squeals!

The holidays are over, so what are a couple of kinky girls to do but play with each other's bound bodies? With the Christmas tree standing cheerily behind her, exotic Lyla Storm's ball-gagged and roped into a ruthless seated frog-tie by Amazonian blonde Zoey Paige! Moaning but immobilized, Lyla is powerless to prevent Zoey from caressing her breasts and face with her gorgeous tormentor's size-9 bare feet! Zoey saves the best for last, surprising Lyla with a vibrator that she ties between her legs, then switches on so she can watch her trussed-up plaything spasm in pleasure!

Lyla's got a few surprises in store for Zoey once the tables have turned and the tall blonde submits to bondage! Tied with black rope and gagged with white tape, Zoey stands shivering in a skimpy chemise while Lyla squeezes her tits and spanks her ass! Forcing her voluptuous bound toy onto her knees, Lyla ties her crossed ankles, then tickles Zoey's naked soles to the accompaniment of anguished gasps! Lyla completes her revenge by hogtying Zoey on the leather platform, then assaulting her bare toes with lips and teeth before leaving the enticing prisoner in cross-ankled splendor before the Christmas tree!

ID #: FB-352
Price: $30.00