Hogtied Honeymoon - DVD
50 Minutes, Twelve Models

Surprised while she slumbers, a tightly-bound and bandanna-gagged Randy Moore is soon wide-awake and struggling energetically in her bra and panties! Before long, boxer-clad boyfriend John joins her in bondage and the hogtied couple rolls around noisily on their bed; during the action, Randy's breasts are bared!

Tied back-to-back and gagged with duct tape, Lena Shelby and Max share an alarming predicament that becomes even more unpleasant when they're hogtied! Both tug vigorously though unsuccessfully against their wrist-to- ankle restraints, which brings Lena's lithe naked body into prurient prominence!

Masked and booted villainess Georgia Jones lies back on the bed and taunts her latest victim, gullible Pedro, who sits bound and ball -gagged on the safe larcenous Georgia just emptied! But the elated thief's mood takes a drastic downward swing when her treacherous partner makes the scene -- stripped naked, trussed up and ball-gagged, indignant Georgia writhes and drools on the bed next to long-suffering Pedro!

Something's very wrong at Sophie Nova's house: That's the flame-tressed lass emerging uncertainly from the doorway, her negligee-clad torso tautly roped and a cloth tied between her ruby lips! Her legs free of rope, wide- eyed Sophie gazes around the room, then pads silently away on bare feet as she tries to avoid her captor! Moments later, Harvey Lake follows in Sophie's footsteps; wearing nothing but briefs, also bound and gagged, Harvey walks after Sophie! But escape's not in the cards for the unfortunate couple -- after they're finally cornered, Sophie and Harvey twist in separate tethered webs on the floor while the evil-doers go about their business!

When you've got a bone to pick with a guy and he keeps ducking you, there's a drastic method for getting his attention: Take his girlfriend hostage! That's how Bailey Blue wound up pinioned to a long- legged chair in her pretty pink dress, her ankles roped back on each side and lips sealed with duct-tape over self-adhesive! Understandably emotional, Bailey whimpers and squirms on her perch until Kirk comes to the rescue! But Kirk's not equal to his heroic role, so when the dust clears, he stands stripped to his shorts, tied and gagged as he faces his hapless girlfriend, whose breasts have been liberated from her dress!

Ropemistress Nikki has Chloe Lynn and KB just where she wants them -- hogtied on the floor! Caught while making out, Chloe wears bra and panties, KB slacks only; annoyed by the sound of the couple trying to reassure each other in trembling voices, Nikki impatiently tape- gags them! Nikki's untroubled by their muffled moaning, so she loots lightheartedly as KB and Chloe thrash about, though it's obvious that she enjoys a few glimpses of Chloe's lingerie-clad bound body and flexing bare soles!

ID #: CC-36
Price: $25.00