Secretaries In Bondage: Flip For Their Fate - DVD
57 Minutes, Seven Models

Even now it's a mystery for Cassie Laine and Sophia Taylor -- why did the strange man pick them to be the unwilling players in his sadistic game? The memories are blurred now, almost unreal, of gentle little Cassie sitting bound on the kitchen counter, her brown eyes wide above the duct tape covering her mouth. Of Sophia returning home to the shocking sight of Cassie in bondage, then herself standing tied and silenced next to her. Of the ominous coin-flipping with temporarily ungagged Sophia to the choice between heads or tails over and over until she finally "won". Of the deranged man casually departing once he was somehow satisfied with the game's outcome, ignoring Sophia and Cassie, now lying physically exhausted and emotionally drained on the floor!

They say no good deed goes unpunished and Brooklyn Chase would undoubtedly agree. The young businesswoman reluctantly allowed a friend to stow a small package in her safe -- a small package that meant big trouble for Brooklyn when tough chick Megan Salinas arrived! After intimidating Brooklyn into opening the safe, Megan turned her into a neat roped-up captive; while waiting for her boss to arrive and take charge of the package, Megan amused herself by opening Brooklyn's blouse and toying with her breasts as the shocked captive gasped through the black cloth tied between her lips!

It's Christmas season and secretary Shae Snow's justifiably proud of the large bonus earned by her excellent work. But Shae's been indiscreet and unintentionally spread the word about all the great presents she's been buying until it reached the ears of unscrupulous strangers. Eager for loot, one of them slipped into Shae's home, roped the frightened girl spread-legged to a chair in front of the tree she was decorating and taped her mouth! The sleazy crook walked away with valuables and cash after treating himself to the sight of Shae's breasts, bared at the same time he stole the shoes off the struggling captive's stockinged feet!

Despite standing over six feet tall in heels, Zoey Paige is a meek young woman, so when confronted by a home invader, her first reaction was to shrink into a corner and avoid harm by begging to be tied up and gagged instead! Her request granted, Zoey stood quietly until she had the bright idea to slide a curtain aside in hope of attracting the attention of passersby, but the only responder was her disgruntled captor! Once she was hitched waist-to-ankle and struggling in stockinged feet on the floor, tape-gagged Zoey was no longer a problem for her visitor!

Kimberly Gates was an old friend but Solhey Rivera was anything but happy to see her at the door. She only came visiting when she wanted a loan -- the kind that never get paid back -- and Solhey was tired of financing Kimberly's erratic lifestyle. She expected Kimberly to beg and plead when she got the bad news that the bank was closed but her reaction was aggressive instead. Kimberly had come prepared for rejection with the rope and duct tape required to make Solhey her bound and gagged prisoner; after ranting at the silenced Solhey, Kimberly hogtied her and headed for the pawnshop with a bagful of valuables!

Playgirl Bailey Blue grew weary of listening to uptight financial advisor Erika Jordan lecture about her spendthrift ways. After tying the stunned woman to a chair, she happily informed Erika that it was time for a makeover; as cleave-gagged Erika squealed in protest, Bailey freed her hair from its tight bun, replaced her clunky flats with strappy sandals and liberated her surprisingly sizeable breasts from her jacket! At first Erika twisted indignantly while Bailey cooed in her ear and teased her nipples, but soon she shuddered, closed her eyes and surrendered to the pleasure upon her.

ID #: SB-105
Price: $30.00