One Sexy Mummy - DVD
52 Minutes, Six Models

Studious Shae Snow brings Ancient History 101 to life: That's Kendra James who she's involuntarily involved in the mummification demo with duct tape covering her slender frame from ankles to shoulders! Probably no historical precedent for the bare feet or tape-gag but Shae seems perfectly happy cuddling with her mummy!

Undeniable proof that Sophia Taylor is a fashionista: Her slender but busty little body's wrapped in plastic that's overlaid with stylish zebra-pattern tape! And about that bust -- after undulating on the couch, Sophia levitates onto the carpeted floor, where her breasts burst free of the plastic!

Brooklyn Chase is a special girl so she receives special treatment: several dozen yards of plastic wrap pinning her to the bright red tongue chair, followed by criss-crossing lengths of black tape that insure her immobility -- plus a few strips across her pouty lips!

Kelly Collins sees red: It's the brightly-colored plastic wrapping her voluptuous body -- also the red tape sealing her lips and circling her bare feet! Of course, much of the credit for preventing Kelly's energetic struggling from destroying her cocoon should go to the dependable duct tape spiraled from ankles to chest!

Enticing redhead Keira Kelly gets the half-and-half duct tape application: Full coverage up to her waist, then strategically-placed spirals the rest of the way to maintain breasts-and-pussy visibility through the plastic; no need to maintain lips-and-mouth visibility of course!

Please accept a belated Christmas present: It's bright-eyed Shae Snow wrapped in plastic topped with alternating strips of red and white tape! Shae demonstrates an excellent sense of balance as she stands barefoot before the tree, then stretches out and wriggles in her cocoon!

ID #: WR-61
Price: $30.00