Greedy Blondes In Bondage - DVD
42 Minutes, Two Models

Two beautiful scheming blondes clash while trying to grab a fat inheritance!

Mia Malkova comes knocking on the door and Charlotte Stokely welcomes her politely - - until Mia turns her back and Charlotte handgags and hogties her rival! While Charlotte prepares to con the family lawyer, ultra-flexible Mia arches frantically on her stomach and moans behind her tape-gag as her dress rides up her bottom!

Mia's desperate struggles finally pay off when she slips free of her ropes and interrupts Charlotte's meeting with the lawyer. Now Charlotte gets a generous helping of tight ropes and duct tape while Mia presses her claim to the inheritance. First writhing in an armchair, then rolling onto the floor, Charlotte's not about to give up easily in her quest for riches!

Suspicious of both women, the attorney adopts an unorthodox strategy to reveal the truth: He strips both Mia and Charlotte naked, ties and tape-gags them, then places them side-by-side on a granite kitchen counter-top! While they await his next move, the sexy enemies eye each other uneasily and squirm in discomfort on their chilly perch!

When his prisoners prove resistant to straightforward interrogation, the impatient lawyer turns to tickling as an efficient means of discovering their true identities! Situating himself on a couch between Mia and Charlotte, who are still naked and bound but ungagged, he unleashes fingertip torment on their soles and ribs! Much squealing and thrashing about ensues until the bizarre tableau's interrupted by a third blonde beauty!

With the arrival of the legitimate heiress, Mia and Charlotte are out of luck. But they're definitely not out of bondage, for the lawyer and the lady agree that they should hold the sexy fraudsters in captivity until the proper authorities can be notified. So the rivals once again struggle together, now bound naked face-to-face on long-legged chairs, their protests muffled by cleave gags!

ID #: HH-70
Price: $30.00