Sisters In Bondage - DVD
45 Minutes, Three Models

Investigative journalist Cali Logan and her innocent sister Eva fall into the clutches of sinister rope-mistress Eden Wells!

Searching for a block-buster story, journalist Cali goes undercover at Eden's escort service. But Eden's no fool and when a henchman confirms her suspicions about Cali, she acts swiftly by tying and cleave- gagging the lingerie-clad girl! Badly frightened, Cali whimpers as Eden pulls down her bra and toys with her breasts but her ordeal is only beginning -- when Eden discovers that Cali's discovered the identity of the service's powerful investors, she orders the helpless girl dragged off to the "Rec Room!"

As if Eden doesn't have enough of a headache dealing with recalcitrant Cali, she soon receives a visit from the missing reporter's sister Eva! Eden denies any knowledge of Cali's whereabouts, but when Eva the issue, it's off to the "Rec Room" for her! There, to Eva's horror, she encounters Cali standing naked against prison bars; bound to the bars, crotch-roped and gagged with duct tape, Cali has stubbornly refused to divulge the drive's location! But Eden reasons that she can use Eva to persuade Cali to talk, so full-figured Eva's tied next to her sister and tape-gagged; once her breasts are bared, she suffers at Eden's hands along with Cali!

When Cali continues to hold out, Eden gets rougher. Eva, stripped to her panties, bound more tightly and ball-gagged, sits in disbelief next to her sister on an abandoned mattress until Eden takes control of their bodies! Shoving Eva and Cali, roped naked and ball- gagged, onto the mattress, Eden fondles, spanks and humiliates the girls by pressing their bodies against each other! Eden's enraged at Cali's unwillingness to talk, but the young reporter fears the outcome if she does!

Eden's running out of patience, so Cali and Eva are relocated to a shabby brown leather couch, where they curl up and tremble while Eden rants at them! Each now naked and tape-gagged, the sisters edge close to each other before Eden brings them in greater proximity by forcing them to kneel breast-to- breast! When the henchman appears, both captives fear the worst, but he has a surprise in store for them -- and Eden!

Like most henchman, when the going gets tough, it's time for him to hit the road! Once he's overpowered Eden, the treacherous man treats her to a fully-dressed hogtie after thoughtfully removing the shoes from her stockinged feet! Still nude, Cali writhes hogtied next to Eden on the mattress; both tape-gagged prisoners squeal angrily at the henchman, who takes Eva with him as a hostage, along with all the cash he can find on the premises! As Eden struggles, she seethes at the betrayal, but Cali, despite her discomfort and worry about Eva, can already see a headline blaring with her byline below!

ID #: HH-71
Price: $30.00