Business Girls Bound For Pleasure - DVD
57 Minutes, Six Models

Arrogant executive Summer Brielle has a serious crush on Bailey Blue, who's rejected her advances. So when Summer catches the pretty secretary working late, she binds and cleave-gags her, then pulls Bailey's sweater askew so she can fondle her bare breasts and squeeze her nipples! To complete her outrageous invasion of Bailey's personal space, Summer hogties the hapless girl on her desk, exposing her high-arched bare feet to tickling and oral titillation!

It's time for Summer to pay for the pleasure she enjoyed at Bailey's expense when she's tracked down by a masked avenger! Bound with the same ropes and gagged with the same black cleave she used on Bailey, Summer sits on her bed and cowers in fear! And she has good reason to worry because she soon kneels barefoot and bare-breasted on the bed, precariously tethered to the headboard by a lengthy rope; now Summer's powerless to do anything more than wait for retribution!

The Hooded Creeper wants the combination to a safe that Ashley Rose is responsible for, so when Ashley gets stubborn, the Creeper gets mean! The Amazonian blonde's roped to a chair with her long legs stretched out and tied to a second chair so that her bare soles are vulnerable to tickling and icing! Ashley squeals past her black cleave but refuses to crack -- until the ice is applied to her breasts and unfriendly fingers get acquainted with her nipples!

Attractive young businesswoman Aria Arial receives two unpleasant surprises when she returns home: there's a stranger in the house and, when she calls 911, she's placed on hold! By the time the phone-line is free, it's too late for Aria, who sits trussed up and tape- gagged on her bed, her neat gray pinstriped jacket and skirt layered with equally neat white ropework! Energetic Aria works hard to escape, but, when the dust clears, she's more uncomfortably immobilized in a cross-ankled hogtie, her pantyhosed feet flailing futilely in the air!

It's a black day for office-worker Vallarie White, who vehemently objects to the 24- hour vacation she receives from a mysterious captor! Stylishly attired in a sleeveless white blouse, pleated black skirt, black pumps and pantyhose, Vallerie was looking forward to eight hours of achievement at the office, but instead squirms in her bathtub after her curvy little body's restrained with twisting lengths of black rope and her lips sealed with broad strips of black tape!

Lilly Evans excels at corporate espionage -- until she gets careless! Then the wide- eyed little brunette finds herself roped to a chair with a black cloth tied between her teeth and her blouse pulled open to expose her breasts! Threatened by brutal captors, Lilly wriggles fearfully and regrets her choice of occupation, especially after her shoes are removed and stockinged feet suspended in the air so they can be targeted for punishment!

ID #: SB-107
Price: $30.00