Double Trouble For Tied Up Couples - DVD
52 Minutes, Twelve Models

Mean little mistress Jana Jordan is happily cropping Lance, who's ball- gagged and roped to the bondage horse, when she's interrupted by a friend of the submissive! Repulsed by the whole process -- and perhaps turned on by luscious Jana! -- the friend leaves Lance in his restraint, but turns the dom into a sub by tape-gagging Jana and tying her to a post in her black slip and fishnets! Jana squirms indignantly but can't prevent her breasts and pussy from being exposed while Lance looks on appreciatively!

Surprised by home invaders, Aleigha Hotstein and Brad lie face- down on a wooden floor, tied hand and foot and gagged with duct tape! Aleigha, wearing an enticing white nighty, struggles close to shorts-clad Brad, but their captors later separate them by tethering them six feet apart to the legs of a couch! Now deprived of her nighty and with her panties down at her ankles, plucky nude Aleigha still continues to fight against captivity by stretching her legs out to Brad!

Jamie Lynn's been taken hostage to lure her man Dane into a trap; gagged with duct tape, Jamie stands nude and trussed up, her chest ropes connected to a chain overhead! When Dane shows up, he's stripped to his underwear, tied up and gagged, then he and Jamie struggle on the floor, ending up back-to-back as they strive to free each other with flailing fingers!

A neighbor who's angered by their noisy partying strikes back against Kimberly Gates and Johnny Deep by tying them side-by-side to a stairway railing! Both Kimberly and Johnny are gagged with white tape; the dark-haired beauty's naked while her guy's stripped to shorts and socks! The stunned captives protest noisily against their bizarre punishment as they stand inches apart and twist in ropework that refuses to release its grip on their limbs!

Perky little secretary Jenna J. Ross gets the rope-and-tape treatment from a thief who subdues her boss, Jordan, in identical fashion after he returns to the office and finds Jenna in a bind! The business- like bondage captives -- Jenna in jacket, skirt and heels; Jordan in jacket,shirt and trousers -- are unsuccesful in attempts to free themselves after the thief departs until clever Jenna slips off her shoes and unties Jordan's wrists with her bare toes!

ID #: CC-37
Price: $25.00