Take Their Clothes And Tie Them Up - DVD
56 Minutes, Six Models

Elle Alexandra likes to think of herself as a tough chick but after Bree Daniels and Veronica Radke gang up on her, Elle's just a naked redhead squirming in bondage! Surprising their victim in her bedroom, the creative couple stuff Elle's mouth with her own panties and tie it place with one of her stockings! Once they've bound Elle, Bree and Veronica toy with her helpless body while she writhes and squeals on her bed, then hit the road after topping off the miserable victim's restraint with a hogtie!

A pair of hot blonde girlfriends engage in colorful bondage when Rikki Six asks Charlotte Stokely to show her the ropes! Once wide- eyed Rikki's neatly tied and tape-gagged, Charlotte's happy to toy with the curvaceous body clad in a bright red negligee, then expose Rikki's breasts for sensual handling that causes her eyes to grow even wider! When Rikki leaves her bare soles vulnerable by kneeling, Charlotte naturally takes pleasure in subjecting them to a tickle test!

Her couch ordinarily functions as a comfortable venue for Giselle Mari, but there's nothing relaxed about the exotic beauty's gyrations after she's left tied and tape-gagged on her favorite piece of furniture! Energetic Giselle twists her rope-twined wrists and kicks her bare feet in the air, but finally curls up meekly on her hip when she recognizes that she's no match for her restraint!

Enjoy a generous helping of naked blonde beauty in bondage when Amazonian Zoey Paige's voluptuous body surrenders to ingenious ropework that restrains her limbs and spreads her pussy lips! Gagged with a black cleave, Zoey rolls energetically on a bed until her mobility's impaired when a tether linking her chest ropes to the bed's headframe her into a kneeling position!

An enticing captive sprite, Zoey Foxx kneels precariously on a leather coffee table, her small body clad in red lingerie and restrained with white ropes! Zoey's powerless to prevent her breasts from being bared, but murmurs indignant objections through the cloth tied between her lips; even after she's lowered onto her side and tethered wrists to ankle, the spunky little prisoner never relents in her battle against bondage!

Jamie Lynn has a rough day at the office after she's grabbed at her desk and bound bare- breasted on the floor! Gagged with mouth- stuffing held in place by red tape, Jamie writhes hogtied on her stomach, unaware that there's worse to come! Specifically, the now naked secretary's stretched out on her back, legs frogged and wrists tied separately to ankles, so that a friendly vibrator can snuggle next to her snatch!

ID #: FB-364
Price: $30.00