Naked Girls Bound, Gagged And Helpless - DVD
47 Minutes, Eight Models

Bad luck for two good girls when a very bad guy takes advantage of Brooklyn Chase and Charlotte Stokely! Naked and seated side-by- side on a wooden bench, Brooklyn and Charlotte beg for mercy but the crude captor's deaf to their pleas, instead silencing them with with strips of duct tape. Once he's certain that they're thoroughly bound and gagged, the predatory man's fingers prowl over his wailing captives' exposed breasts; when he tires of exploiting their defenselessness, the thug hogties Brooklyn and Charlotte face-to-face on the bench and relishes the sight of their naked bodies twisting in futile efforts to free themselves!

An enticing study in blonde, blue and bondage, Summer Brielle stretches out spreadeagled on the bed, her voluptuous torso barely contained by a turquoise teddy. Summer's beckoning pussy hosts a taut multi-strand crotch-rope and, as her plight escalates, her crimson- lipped mouth is invaded by an identically-hued ball-gag! Bare flesh vies with intricate ropework as the moaning captive's breasts burst free of lingerie and her high-arched feet tug against ankle bonds securely anchored to the bedposts!

Walking down brick-surfaced stairs between parallel rows of green bushes, the nude girls emerge as if out of a feverish dream! Red- haired and pale-skinned Kendra James first, then raven-tressed exotic doll Chloe Amour; both girls' legs are unrestrained, but their hands are tied behind them, their bare breasts framed with rope and their lips sealed with duct tape. As they move indoors, Kendra and Chloe separate, then reunite and attempt to free each other. But they'll no longer walk around after they're seated on a couch and their ankles tied; soon strands of rope that coil around their waists and thighs Kendra and Chloe to struggle awkwardly with their bare feet tethered close to their hips!

A sweet chocolate confection, Giselle Mari kneels apprehensively, her warm brown body bound with white rope, her mouth covered with white tape and pussy-lips spread by a double white strand! Giselle's correct to eye her situation with alarm because there's a hogtie in her future; undeterred by the rigorous restraint, the luscious cocoa lass undulates on her stomach and arches toe-tied bare feet before rolling onto her hip!

Gorgeous blonde amazon Zoey Paige extends a warm welcome with open arms -- and legs -- as she lies tape-gagged and spreadeagled on a bed! After struggling provocatively for several minutes, however, the vulnerable beauty receives only one visitor: a vibrator pressed between her legs that competes with Zoey's crotch-rope in stimulating her pussy!

Jayne Mansfield playing with a life-sized Barbie doll: that may sound like an extravagant image, but watch blonde goddess Summer Brielle in leopard-print top and high heels towering over naked and barefoot little captive Emily Austin and see what you think! After playfully tweaking the bound and cleave-gagged Emily's nipples as she stands behind her, Summer seats her sexy plaything on the couch so she can toy with Emily's feet! While the nude prisoner gasps and her eyes widen in amazement, Summer happily tickles Emily's small wrinkled soles and sucks on her tiny pink toes! Then Summer moves to the window seat above the couch so she can introduce Emily to her own bare feet; the busty dom smiles happily as her toes and soles roam at will over the bound girl's squirming body!

ID #: FB-365
Price: $30.00