Topless Babes Held Hostage - DVD
48 Minutes, Eight Models

Nothing wrong with a little making out between friends, especially when they're as enticing as Bree Daniels and Elle Alexandra! Both pale-skinned lovelies dazzle in colorful lingerie, bright red for Bree and green for Elle, but it's white rope and silver tape that dominates when the girls are surprised and trussed up! First seated side by side, Bree and Elle whimper nervously after their breasts are bared, but there's worse to come when they're to kneel on the couch chest-to- chest!

Light-fingered executive Jamie Lynn's worked out a creative retirement plan that involves withdrawing a bagful of cash from her company's resources! But Jamie's plans go awry after she's double-crossed by her co-conspirator: tethered to her bed and gagged with duct tape, bare- breasted Jamie wriggles indignantly in a yellow silk robe, then writhes on her stomach after she's hogtied!

After the intruders tied up Jamie Daniels, gagged her with a black cleave- gag and dumped her on the bedroom floor, they ignored her. But Jamie saw a glimmer of hope when she spied her cell phone lying on the table next to her bed; squirming to her feet, the agile little brunette hopped to the bed and rolled over it until she grasped the phone with her bare toes! Sorry, Jamie, no happy ending this time -- responding to the noise she couldn't help making, Jamie's captors put an end to her antics by hogtying the unhappy girl and leaving her to squirm in her frilly lingerie!

Once more, the bedroom's a precarious place -- this time for curvy little blonde Vallerie White, who's understandably dazed after she's roped up in nothing but her panties! Her lips sealed with duct tape, Vallerie tentatively tests her bonds as she sits near the head of the bed, but writhes with more animation when she rolls on her side, then onto her tummy, and kicks up her pink-nailed bare feet!

The second time's definitely not the charm for spunky Roxxi Silver, who squirms free from indifferent ropework as she lies on her bed but is quickly recaptured! Gagged with duct tape and now securely bound, blonde sprite Roxxi kneels bare-breasted on the bed until an unforgiving captor hogties her! The wide-eyed prisoner arches and twists desperately in her pink nighty, but Roxxi can't escape her bondage this time.

Lulu Bell understood that housemate Catie Parker was a late-night kind of girl, but she was annoyed when she was awakened at 3 A. M. by high- pitched squeals coming from the living room. When she discovered her pretty blonde housemate lying tied up on the couch, her mouth covered with black tape, Lulu's annoyance turned to fear -- especially after a mocking female voice invited her to join the party! Within moments, the dark-haired little starlet lay bound and gagged, her legs crossing Catie's; the breasts of both lingerie-clad and toe- tied girls were exposed! As a final nasty touch, their late-night visitor hogtied her captives, leaving Catie on the couch and perching Lulu on the leather coffe-table!

ID #: FB-366
Price: $30.00