Pretty Plastic Prisoners - DVD
48 Minutes, Six Models

Bailey Blue loves her job -- and why not, since she gets to turn the delectable naked body of Megan Salinas into a snugly wrapped package! Pink tape over clear plastic prevents Megan from escaping Bailey's grasp as she spanks that round little ass and tickles those soft little soles; pink tape over red lips prevents Megan from doing anything more than murmuring her resentment of Bailey's domination!

Blonde, blue-eyed and lying barefoot on her bed, Roxxi Silver is simply too enticing to escape the wrappers always lurking in the shadows. Flawlessly feminine, Roxxi squirms seductively in her pink-tape- and-plastic cocoon and coos compellingly behind the pink tape sealing her lips; more high-pitched sounds ensue when the villain responsible for her colorful immobility simply can't keep his hands off soft soles that beg to be tickled!

At least Megan and Chloe were tantalized by beautiful blondes; poor little Zoey Foxx is the wrapped captive of some creep in a horrifying mask! Bright white tape encircles the transparent plastic that clings to Zoey's body, while a gag of identical hue muffles her resentment of a bizarre plight that culminates as she lies on the floor, defenseless against the hands that torment her tiny feet!

How appropriate that gleaming black tape highlights exotic dark-haired starlet Giselle Mari's introduction to wrapping! After she's arranged on a couch, Giselle's lively brown eyes search for some hope of release from her steamy situation but her tape-gagged moans only serve to attract mischievous manicured fingernails that flicker up and down her wriggling foot-bottoms!

Adorable Emily Austin's petite body is a perfect fit for the bright red tongue chair to which she's pinned with a layer of clear plastic over her plastic-wrapped frame; ten swathes of duct tape confirm Emily's captivity while several short strips negate her usual bright-eyed chattiness. Emily appears more perplexed than frightened by her stringent situation, though a bout of tickling directed against her uncovered feet clearly comes as an unpleasant surprise!

Ashley Rose joins the ranks of happy wrappers when she zestfully demonstrates her delight in Chloe Amour's duct-tape-and-plastic- restrained nude curves! Tape-gagged Chloe responds to Ashley's vigorous handling with considerably less enthusiasm, especially when the Amazonian blonde pins her petite prisoner on the floor and straddles her in a wild show of affection! Needless to say, Ashley can't resist paying a fingernail tribute to squealing Chloe's vulnerable bare soles.

ID #: WR-63
Price: $30.00