Tie Her Up, Tie Her Down - DVD
52 Minutes, Seven Models

Kendra James reveals her inner bad girl by dominating rising starlet Chloe Amour! Once she has the slender exotic nude bound and helpless on a bed, Kendra cleave-gags her, then toys with her nipples and tickles her toe-tied bare feet while Chloe squirms and squeals! After forcing crotch-roped Chloe to kneel, Kendra lies back and menaces the wide- eyed captive with her spike heels!

Truly a Sweet Gwen for the 21st Century, Lena Shelby emotes expressively when the vivacious blonde's roped to a tree in her blue and white bikini! Her bare feet balancing on a flat rock, cleave-gagged Lena twists in her bonds and whimpers as first her top, then her panties are pulled down to expose her breasts and pussy to the elements!

Their office turns into a sinister space for Catie Parker and Britney Lace after intruders leave them stripped and bound! At first the tape-gagged nudes struggle several feet apart, but then wriggle closer until they're sitting back-to-back and plucking at each others' wrist ropes. But any hopes of escape are destroyed when the unlucky girls are hogtied; both captives moan and wriggle on their stomachs though tireless Catie manages to roll onto her hip so she can bring her hands closer to Britney.

Kimberly Gates welcomes bondage novice Amber Rouge to the world of restraint by toying with Amber's sweet naked body after she's tied to a chair and gagged with a knotted black cleave! Dazed by her plight, Amber protests meekly while Kimberly fondles her, then strains tentatively against the taut ropework once her captor's abandoned her!

Ashley Rose writhes energetically throughout a nightmarish experience (or a steamy fantasy?) when she lies bound on her back to a wooden bench, her voluptuous body unclothed! Defenseless Ashley begs her captor for mercy but the masked man responds by stuffing cloth in her mouth and covering it with brown tape. Then while the buxom blonde wriggles in rope, the silent marauder tweaks her nipples and rakes his fingernails over her ticklish soles! To complete Ashley's subjugation, her nemesis casually strokes her from head to toe with a vibrator before settling in tight proximity to her pussy!

Bondage princess Kendra James endures an outdoor ordeal when the lithe redhead is ball-gagged and trussed up naked amidst the foliage of a sun- dappled backyard. Kendra protests noisily and writhes on her hip, then struggles on her side after she's tethered hand and foot!

ID #: FB-367
Price: $30.00