Topless Bondage Escapades - DVD
52 Minutes, Six Models

Held captive by intruders on a mysterious mission, pretty brunette housemates Whitney Westgate and Chloe Amour sit side-by-side in bondage! Taut ropework pins the tape-gagged girls to their chairs; already barefoot, Whitney and Chloe murmur nervously when their colorful dresses are disheveled to reveal their vulnerable naked breasts!

Their plight grows more ominous after Whitney and Chloe are stripped to their panties, re-gagged with duct tape, and to kneel breast-to-breast on a platform by their callous captors! As a final demonstration of cynical villainy, the home invaders hogtie the nearly naked prisoners and leave the innocent girls struggling on their stomachs!

We can't condone her behavior, but it's hard to blame Summer Brielle for making adorable Roxxi Silver her personal bondage doll! Barely dressed in the tiniest of skirts and flimsiest of see-through bras, Roxxi stands bound and crotch-roped while Summer tapes her mouth, then enthusiastically explores her slender body! Of course, Summer can't resist tossing Roxxi onto the nearby bed, where she straddles the hapless girl and thrusts her awesome breasts in Roxxi's face before testing the squirming blonde's bare soles for ticklishness!

Petite Jamie Daniels also becomes the pawn in a shady game when she's deprived of her dress and shoes, then roped to a chair in nothing but her panties! Ball-gagged and immobilized, the wide-eyed little prisoner writhes and whimpers in disbelief at her humiliating predicament!

Catie Parker seems like such a sweet girl, so it's not surprising that dark- haired beauty Lulu Bell falls for her act. Once she has the upper hand, Catie orders Lulu to strip to bra and panties and hand over her dress; after her frightened prisoner is securely tied and tape-gagged, the blonde bad girl bares and fondles Lulu's breasts, then departs wearing the stolen dress!

Overdosed with the antics of damsels in , Danielle Trixie hits the off button of her remote and swears that she'll never watch another exploitation flick! Danielle's scornful of dim-witted heroines who stumble into bondage, but something must have clicked in her subconscious because when she slumbers, the dreams that come star her as a bound and gagged heroine wriggling on her bed! Rolling around energetically in her diaphanous black nightie, barefoot Danielle moans behind the duct tape sealing her lips; an additional tether folds the legs of the now bare-breasted girl, but doesn't curtail her resistance!

ID #: FB-369
Price: $25.00