Sexy Girls Captured In Ropes - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

Danielle Trixie's man had a modest favor to ask: Just one time, he pleaded, I want to watch a woman tie you up and play with you! Danielle had her doubts but finally gave in and allowed dominant British beauty Sophie Nova to bind and ball-gag her, then fondle her naked body! But neither Danielle nor Sophie foresaw that their encounter would drive the aroused observer to overpower the redhead's resistance so he could thrill to the sight of both nude women writhing in hogties!

Cali Hayes wanted to be tied up in the worst way -- and she was wrapping ropes around her legs in a very bad way indeed when a talented rigger stepped in to make her dreams come true. Wearing bright red bra and panties to match a happy smile that persists even after her mouth is covered with black cloth, Cali tests the bondage by rolling onto the floor, where she displays a cute round bottom and enticing bare feet!

She's tall, slender and helpless -- more specifically, she's exciting newcomer Presley Dawson, who stands nervously in white ropes wrapped tightly around her colorful lingerie. Tape-gagged Presley's long legs are folded under her when she's to kneel on a leather armchair, then any hope of escape for the bare-breasted and barefoot girl vanishes when a final rope links her bound ankles and wrists!

Here's a recipe for enticement: Take one dark-eyed exotic temptress named Giuliana Alexis, add one pair of tight blue jeans, then restrictive ropes around bare breasts that are provocatively displayed as the sizzling Ms. Alexis kneels on a lounge, plus white tape that muffles her sensual noise-making, and one last ropework addition that highlights Giuliana's bare soles by compelling her to arch in a hogtie!

Bedtime's not restful for high-energy struggler Sidney Adams, who's been trussed into a cross-ankled hogtie and gagged with semi-transparent tape over mouth packing. As vivacious Sidney thrashes around on her bed, her little black nighty rides up to expose the absence of panties; twisting onto her back, she's also powerless to hide her bare breasts!

A little sunburn was the worst outcome Presley Hart imagined when she stretched out on a table in the back yard. Instead, the bikini-clad sprite's turned into the ball-tied and cleave-gagged captive of a hideously-masked predator who entertains himself by groping Presley's bare chest and tickling her bare feet!

ID #: FB-370
Price: $30.00