Costumed Girls Bound For Trouble - DVD
49 Minutes, Six Models

Going undercover to dig up dirt on a secretive businessman was nothing new for Sophia Taylor; she knew there was always a chance she'd be busted. But when the vindictive man discovers that he's hired a phony maid, Sophia's in for a harrowing experience. Gagged with duct tape and trussed up like a marionette in her bright red maid costume, seamed stockings and high heels, Sophia whimpers apprehensively after her superb breasts are exposed! To counteract any incriminating information Sophia's discovered, her captor's probing camera records the helpless investigator's humiliating struggles.

Lena Shelby's obviously been a bad barmaid (or perhaps too good!) because the colorfully-dirndled Lena's been sanctioned with a rope-and-gag timeout in an obscure corner. The pantyhosed prisoner's predicament becomes more serious when she's compelled to kneel so she can be tethered to the railing, though Lena continues to resist her punishment with thrilling vitality!

Policewoman Jamie Daniels is the poster-girl for the kind of rash behavior that leaves you in a bind! Instead of waiting for back-up, reckless Jamie enters the suspect's apartment, where she's surprised and overpowered! After she's to remove her pantyhose, the captive cop's own cuffs pin her hands behind her; the hose link Jamie's wrists and ankles, folding the tape-gagged prisoner into a hogtie on a dining table! Before Jamie's rescued, she rolls around desperately on the table and her plight grows more ominous when her breasts are bared!

Towering well over six feet tall in her boots and corset, Ashley Rose presents an imposing figure as she scowls at the camera. Tight bondage, however, tends to cut even the most Amazonian tough girl down to size, and Ashley's no exception! The wannabe dom still stands tall, but a shiny blue ball-gag separates Ashley's quivering lips and her ass is bared by a crotch-rope that drives her skirt up to her waist! The Rose-colored boobs can't hide in Ashley's corset for long, either, as this voluptuous imposter is literally and figuratively exposed by her desperate struggles!

Roxxi Silver's blonde, slender and very appealing -- but she's also bored with college life so she spends much of her time daydreaming. Turns out that Roxxi's bondage fantasies are especially vivid in their portrayal of an alluring young lady neatly tied up in her jacket, blouse, plaid skirt and high heels. Mouthing a black cleave, Roxxi at first sits on a couch and gingerly tests her bonds, but before long, she's wriggling on her stomach while displaying pink panties and blue toenails!

When snooty equestrienne Catie Parker tries to push around feisty Lulu Bell, she gets a double dose of her own medicine! Once the astonished Catie's gagged with duct tape and securely bound, Lulu uses the horsewoman's crop to sting her jodhpured bottom -- and the sexy brunette's just getting started! To Catie's intense indignation, Lulu lowers her onto the floor, then slips off her shoes and dominates the squirming captive with neatly pedicured bare feet!

ID #: CB-59
Price: $30.00