Grab And Bind Of Mia Malkova: The Abduction Of Miss Apple Valley - DVD
48 Minutes, Two Models

A malevolent man drags innocent beauty queen Mia Malkova into his dark world of ruthless rope restraint!

When Miss Apple Valley politely declines a producer's request to star in one of his nudity-filled spectacles, she's shocked by his unwillingness to take no for an answer! Instead, Mia finds herself in an uncomfortable bind with her wrists and ankles tied and ropes wound snugly around her summery minidress. Capable only of muffled protests because of the cloth tied between her lips, Mia squirms on the couch as she worries about her unscrupulous captor's next move.

And the move's an uncomfortable one for Mia, who's seen the last of her clothing! Determined to break her resistance, Mia's would-be producer isolates the apprehensive girl in a scrubby backyard clearing where she kneels naked and helpless, her beautiful body embroidered with rope! Mia whimpers through the tape sealing her lips and strains against oppressive bondage that's accentuated by a crotchrope, but the carefully knotted ropework defies her efforts to escape as she rolls onto her side.

Sinister strands of black rope immobilize Mia to a patio post where she stands in abject nudity! Fear-filled eyes flickering above her duct-tape gag, the dazed captive tries to understand how this dangerous man could dare to treat her in such an outrageous fashion -- and prays that her ordeal will end soon!

Sadly for Mia, the ordeal surges on when she's returned indoors and folded into a cross-ankle hogtie! Miserably mouthing a red ball- gag, Mia moans as she twists and arches on her stomach in a position that showcases her bare feet and curvaceous bottom!

Can Mia's plight possibly become any more harrowing? Certainly Mia can't imagine a situation in which she feels more vulnerable than in this spreadeagle that opens her legs and leaves her pussy exposed to any beautiful girl who might be passing by with a vibrator in her hand! A beautiful girl like Sophia Knight, in fact, who crawls onto the bed next to Mia and treats the gorgeous prisoner to a noisy orgasm with the aid of her buzzing toy! When Sophia removes the duct tape from Mia's mouth and asks her a crucial question, the bound girl responds with a surprising answer.

ID #: KD-74
Price: $25.00