Ashley Rose's Nude Bondage-Go-Round - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

Naked, bound and extremely gagged, Ashley Rose submits unwillingly to a masked captor, but later reveals a dominant side when she traps newcomer Belle Fatale in bondage! Before Ashley can enjoy her time on top, however, five other nude beauties writhe in rope!

Ashley's knee-length boots comprise the entirety of her clothing, unless you count the ropes webbing her formidable breasts! As she sits on a couch and squirms under the masked creep's tit-tweaking fingers, Ashley's gag evolves into an oppressive instrument of silence with multiple layers of mouth stuffing, semi-transparent tape, duct tape and self-adhesive wrap!

When Presley Dawson follows the lure of plaintive wailing upstairs, she discovers busty little housemate Sophia Taylor writhing naked, trussed-up and tape-gagged on the floor of her bedroom! Tall and slender Presley has only a few seconds to recoil in disbelief before she's ordered out of her clothing and joins Sophia in nearly identical bondage; aware of their , the nude prisoners struggle together in wide -eyed desperation!

Sweet little Stacie Jaxxx has a problem -- actually several of them! Gagged with duct tape and roped to a couch with her legs spread wide, Stacie's powerless to resist the depredations of the Hooded Creeper, who helps himself to handfuls of the bound blonde's breasts, then wields a vibrator against her throbbing pussy!

Brea Bennett comes across as a mellow young lady, but the unfortunate Bailey Blue gets a long look at her mean streak when she becomes Brea's bare- skinned and ball-tied captive! Duct tape over self-adhesive minimizes the volume of Bailey's protests while Brea avidly toys with her immobilized body; Bailey's plight reaches its peak when she's turned on her side so Brea has easy access to her ticklish bare soles!

The cool blue water of the pool's only a few feet away but it might as well be several miles distant because buxom Eva Lovia's sweating bound and ball-gagged in the sun! If Eva thinks her situation can't get any worse, the enticing brunette's sadly mistaken, as she discovers after she's hogtied and left to wriggle on her stomach!

Oh, oh -- Ashley Rose didn't appreciate being treated like a naked bondage doll, so she's taking out her resentment on energetic and emotional Belle Fatale! Trapped in a rope network on that scarlet tongue chair, slender nude Belle squeals behind her tape-gag when Ashley approaches in a plumber-girl costume and creatively utilizes her plastic wrench and pliers on the captive's tits and toes! A suspicious gleam in Belle's eyes when Ashley mouths her breast and tugs on her crotch-rope might lead to the conclusion, however, that some pleasant neuro-chemicals are being released in the moaning captive's brain!

ID #: FB-372
Price: $25.00