I Like You Bound And Gagged - DVD
53 Minutes, Seven Models

Helpless British blondes bring out the naughty girl in gorgeous Mia Malkova, so it's no surprise that once she has luscious Sophia Hunter gagged with a knotted black cleave and neatly trussed up, Mia explores her captive's body from tits to toes! After freeing Sophia's breasts from a gauzy black teddy, Mia fondles and licks them, then pushes the squirming captive onto her stomach so she can aggressively mouth the Brit bird's soft bare feet!

Garbed in tiny black nighties, Cali Logan and Nikki Lee Young curl up on their bed in anticipation of an evening of sensual excitement. But their night spirals into frightening restraint when home invaders bind the sexy girlfriends and gag them with duct tape! Cali and Nikki are unwilling to meekly accept their captivity, but when their efforts to free themselves are discovered, the impatient intruders tether their wrists and ankles! Breasts bared by the punitive captors, Nikki and Cali writhe face to face as they lie on their sides!

It's scary enough for Keira Kelly that tough chick Aubrielle Summer has her to slip out of her dress and heels, but once her trembling victim is tied up and tape-gagged, Aubrielle helps herself to handfuls of Keira's rope-framed breasts! Before leaving, Aubrielle exchanges her clothes for Keira's sundress and pushes the barebreasted captive into her armchair after playfully pulling down her panties!

It's difficult to imagine a more delectable DID than sepia sweetie Giuliana Alexis, who's precariously perched in a window seat, her see-through turquoise nighty criss-crossed with ropes confining her curvaceous little body! Giuliana's naturally unhappy with her situation but unable to express her objections after she's treated to cloth-stuffing and a black over-mouth gag. Her toe-tied bare feet swing back and forth until Giuliana's pushed into a corner of the window seat where she continues to kick up a storm; duct tape strengthens the gag that prevents Giuliana from emitting anything but angry noises.

Dressed for summer in top, shorts and flat sandals, Cali Hayes becomes an eye-catching bondage exhibit when she's roped on top of a poolside bar by a phantom captor! Buxom Cali tests her bonds energetically and murmurs behind a duct-tape gag, but she's no match for the ropework pinning her to a support post. As her ordeal continues, Cali's eyes widen when her breasts are exposed and her bare feet suspended from a horizontal metal rod!

Chloe Amour's checklist:

1) Surprise Whitney Westgate wearing nothing but pink panties.

2) Tie up Whitney and gag her with duct tape.

3) Play with her bound breasts while she squeals.

4) Make her kneel on the bed and tickle her bare soles.

5) Spank her sweet bottom while she lies on her tummy.

6) Watch Whitney while she rolls around trying to untie herself.

ID #: FB-374
Price: $30.00