Sara and Charlotte: Best Friends In Bondage - DVD
53 Minutes, Five Models

When Sara Liz tries to comfort best girlfriend Charlotte Stokely about a bad breakup, she has no idea that she'll also be victimized by Charlotte's toxic ex! But it's Sara he first encounters and pins to a chair in a rope wew that immobilizes the stunned young woman! Gagged with duct tape, Sara squirms in her stylish dress and heels while the angry man rants at her, then squeals in wide-eyed terror when he intimidates her by tilting the chair onto its back legs.

Naturally astonished when she returns to find her friend bound and gagged, Charlotte immediately joins Sara in nearly identical bondage. Now the bully concentrates his hostility on the fragile blonde by pulling down her top and squeezing her bare breasts while Sara watches in despair. Charlotte's bare feet still exert a magnetic spell on the disturbed man, however, as he reveals by yanking off her shoes and sucking on her toes!

Charlotte's egomaniac ex concludes his torment of the helpless friends by forcing them to undress, then watching the bound and naked girls rolling together on a bed. Eyes wide above the white tape now covering their mouths, Sara and Charlotte whimper fearfully when he approaches and pushes them breast-to-breast on their sides, but after another interlude of fondling, the brute leaves them to work out their own escape.

When hot housemates clash over a man, things can get ugly -- but also intriguing if you like that sort of thing! Stripped of everything but her bra, Cherie DeVille sits bound in a corner while her former friend Evita cloth-packs and duct-tapes her mouth. Once Evita departs in search of masculine prey, hot MILF Cherie battles her bondage with amazing energy, rolling from hip to stomach to back as she tries unsuccessfully to dislodge the taut ropes that compress her limbs! During her struggles, Cherie reveals amazingly high-arched bare feet -- and oh yes, Cherie's boobs manage to pop loose from her bra during these frantic exertions.

Cali Hayes came for a shower but stayed for the bondage -- not that she had a choice! Cali's alluring naked body bears the burden of ample ropework from her ankles to her breasts as she stands uneasily in an open shower stall. Ball-gag and crotch-rope tantalize Cali's upper and nether lips respectively during her descent onto the surface of her prison without bars; the bewildered heroine twists back and forth but the ropework clings stubbornly to her flesh!

Belle Fatale lives up to her name when she ruthlessly dominates hapless Ashley Rose, whose ample curves are entwined with knotted strands of black rope. A black tape-gag muffles Ashley's anguished squealing as Belle squeezes her kneeling nude captive's enticing breasts, straddles Ashley while tugging on her crotch-rope, then her face-down so her bottom and soles are vulnerable to Belle's cruel intentions!

ID #: FB-375
Price: $30.00