Bound Helpless Girls - DVD
53 Minutes, Seven Models

When she finds enticing redhead Ava Sparxx secured to a chair with coils of black rope, her speech muffled by a black cleave, Amy Fair does what any self- respecting bad girl would do -- she makes Ava her personal exploitation project! Amy can't wait to free the squealing girl's breasts from her white sundress; once they're available, Amy pays tribute with hands and mouth before turning her attention to Ava's pink bare feet!

A word of warning to kinky girls: be careful not to loosen the ropes when you're toying with your bound and gagged plaything! After Amy Fair gets careless, Ava Sparxx strikes back and richly enjoys the sight of the former predator lying defenseless on the floor. Now it's Amy who's tied and silenced with the same ropes and gag that subdued Ava; now it's Amy squirming barefoot and bare-breasted while Ava sits back on the couch above her and dominates the whimpering tough chick with her own naked feet!

On the run after escaping from a prison farm, Amy Anderson needs to make some changes if she's going to remain free. Top priority is a change of clothing, so Amy grabs unlucky Brea Bennett and requisitions her flowery dress. Stripped to bra and panties, bound standing to a stair railing and cleave-gagged, Brea whimpers in wide-eyed disbelief while Amy flaunts her stolen finery and takes nasty advantage of her captive by groping the helpless girl's breasts!

Talk about severe music criticism: Bailey Blue's dragged out from behind her piano, tied on the piano bench and gagged with a black cleave! But if Bailey's captor doesn't enjoy her music-making, the critic evidently admires her physical assets; Bailey's ankles are tied wide to expose her colorful panties, and her feet and breasts are bared while she writhes angrily on the bench.

Girls In Trouble accurately describes the predicament that ensnares naked newcomers Annalynn Grace and Olga Snow. Gagged with duct tape, tautly trussed and rope-linked to the rings above their heads, buxom Annalynn and lithe Olga balance on bare feet as they twist back and forth. Fingers fumble at wrists ropes while the girls stand back-to-back and bare breasts come into embarrassing proximity when the frustrated prisoners attempt to peel the tape from each other's faces!

Brooklyn Chase sizzles in a scene that pays homage to the damsels- in- of yesteryear. Garters and black stockings alone clothe Brooklyn's voluptuous nude body as she balances rope-restrained in a window seat; her eyes express the emotions of helplessness above the black cloth covering her mouth. After her marvelous breasts vibrate hypnotically during her seated struggles, Brooklyn's stockinged feet receive equal time once she's hogtied!

ID #: FB-377
Price: $30.00