Intimidated By Bondage - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

When con-girl Aubrielle Summer tries to go straight, Keira Kelly uses bondage to discourage her good intentions. It's scary enough for the dark-haired beauty to sit tied and tape-gagged in her stylish black dress and pumps, but when envious Keira gets rough, Aubrielle soon lies bare-breasted and barefoot on the floor. Sneering at her whimpering captive, Keira gropes Aubrielle's breasts, then uses her as a footstool and dominates the defenseless girl with her own bare feet!

Lulu Bell believes she's nailed antique thief Catie Parker, but Catie's not going to let Lulu ruin her illegal operation! Blonde bad girl quickly turns brunette investigator into a bound and tape-gagged captive, then watches in satisfaction as Lulu writhes in her blouse and skirt! Lulu can't escape the oppressive bondage but her bare feet do kick free from her high heels.

Presley Dawson's whistleblowing career comes to a screeching halt when black-clad enr Sophia Taylor pays her a visit. Trussed-up in her business suit and gagged with duct-tape, barefoot Presley trembles on the floor while Sophia explains why the pretty young secretary should keep her mouth shut even after the tape's removed!

Blonde MILF Cherie DeVille's tired of her crazy job, but finds that her boss doesn't accept resignations. Nearly bursting out of her tight blue blouse and pencil skirt, Cherie rolls around fully on the floor; mouth packing and duct tape minimize her vocal exertions. After Cherie slips off her heels and tries to hop out of the room, she's put in her place with a waist-ankle tether that curbs her ambitions.

Left unattended by her captors, spunky office-worker Jana Jordan squirms her way down a carpeted staircase despite her substantial ropework handicap. Before Jana can make it to the door, however, she's grabbed and anchored more securely with her black-stockinged legs stretched out between two railings. Jana's red lips are spread by a black cleave and her creamy breasts now protrude from a white blouse framed by black rope.

Ava Sparxx and Amy Fair return home smiling and happy, but their emotions turn upside down after encountering silent intruders. One by one, the trussed-up and tape-gagged girls wriggle along the floor out of their bedrooms until they meet and attempt to free each other. But their luck is all bad, and a final intervention from their unwelcome guests tether the now barefoot Amy and Ava side-by-side in immobilizing restraint!

ID #: SB-113
Price: $30.00