Naked Girls Gagged And Hogtied - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

Once she becomes a trussed-up and ball-gagged hostage, Samantha Ryan discovers another facet to Veronica Radke's personality when her former plaything bares the victim's breasts and pussy! After her mobility's completely negated by a cross-ankled hogtie, subjugated Samantha wriggles on her stomach while smiling Veronica mouths her bare feet!

Samantha Ryan's a lucky girl -- she gets to satisfy her dominant desires in a very one-sided relationship with Veronica Radke! The tiny brunette prisoner kneels naked, bound and tape-gagged on the bed while Samantha tweaks her nipples and licks her breasts; when it's time to sample Veronica's soft little bare feet, Samantha hogties the squirming innocent, then sucks her toes and licks her soles after tickling foreplay!

Naked, trussed up and ball-gagged, voluptuous blonde MILF Cherie DeVille kneels wide-eyed and defenseless on her bed, but refuses to submit meekly to her bondage! Cherie rolls around her bed with abandon even after her bound wrists are tethered to her ankle ropes and her awesomely arched bare feet are drawn up in a hogtie!

It took only one carefully knotted rope to hogtie sultry temptress Gulliana Alexis, who tests her wrist-ankle connection by rolling around energetically on the carpeted floor! Gagged with duct tape over self- adhesive, Gulliana reveals every enticing curve of her nude body during her noisy struggles!

Veronica Weston kneels in submission on a white rug, her alluring body bereft of clothing and held in a taut embrace by strands of black rope! Veronica whimpers apprehensively behind the black tape sealing her lips, perhaps in anticipation of a more rigorous alteration of her bondage that will thrust her facedown on the floor in a hogtie!

"Why won't Danielle answer me?" wonders Chanel Rae. Chanel quickly discovers the shocking reason for her housemate's silence: Danielle Trixie's lying naked on a couch, bound hand and foot and gagged with duct tape! Before she can react, a chilling voice commands Chanel to freeze; within minutes, she's been stripped, gagged and hogtied and takes the little blonde captive's place on the couch. Also hogtied, Danielle now squirms on top of the nearby coffee table next to her helpless friend!

ID #: FB-378
Price: $25.00