Mean Girls Love Ticklish Boys - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

Cassie Laine tickles the hell out of a tightie whitie wearing Patrick after he's tied lengthwise on the bed, his hands and feet roped to the bed-frame.

Clad in his boxers only and bound to the bed, Lance is helplessly exposed while Jana Jordan gets on top and has her way with him!

Clad in corset and boots, super-dominant Ashley Rose makes KB scream with laughter by hogtying the hapless male in his briefs and tickling him from bare soles to vulnerable underarms!

Bound to a massage table in his boxer briefs isn't the worse thing to happen to Mark Paul... no, the worse thing is a toss up between being tickled by Keira Kelly when he's most vulnerable or having her lovely breasts dangling in his face without being able to touch them!

Stripped down to his boxers, Harvey is bound in a ball-tie and his vulnerable body falls prey to the tickling fingers of a ruthless, masked Sophie Nova!

In one of the sexiest MIB tickle scenes ever, Kirk makes two significant discoveries: 1) He's actually very ticklish; 2) luscious girlfriend Bailey Blue really enjoys tickling him until he begs for mercy -- then ignores his agonized pleas!

ID #: MIB-94
Price: $30.00